Are your MU and skincare products all in a mess?

My skincare products and makeup products are increasing in numbers. And I realised I’m having difficulty taking the products I need with my older way of organizing.

So I gave my makeup and skincare corner a complete new look ….
To begin with, I threw away makeup products which have expired and went searching for a good container to put my items in.

Tip: Daiso is a good place to shop at. 😀
Tip: If you do not use an item for 3 months, it is most likely that you are not going to use them anymore. Throw it away!

As I do not have a dressing table, a small corner in the wardrobe is the only space where I can put my products.

So this is how the area looks like now …
Neat and organized. Isn’t it?

From left, my makeup stash to my essential skin care products.

I’m especially happy about this cheap container which I got from Daiso. There are different compartments for me to separate my makeup.
Back : base makeup
Left: eyeshadows
Top right: eye liners and mascaras
Bottom right: my lippies and glosses.

Not exactly pretty. But super usefull!!! Actually you can bling it up if you want.

And these are all my eyelashes in another container …
I’m not exactly a falsies person, so most of my “collection” contains natural looking eyelashes. And I use it on days when I don’t feel like using mascara (though it is a bad move, you should still use mascara even when using eyelashes) and on special days.

Now, are you inspired to organize your makeup and skincare as well?


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