The punishment

I woke up from my nap yesterday and decided to check my twitter for updates.
And gosh, I saw the tremendous tweets regarding the tsunami and earthquake in Japan.
I started hunting online for more to see news and videos regarding this disaster. I even watched CNA for immediate report; a channel which I don’t even watch. I was appalled at what I see before my eyes. Was it a movie? It does seem like it is…. Roads crashed, cars, buildings and people were being swept into the huge swirl of water. Just like a spiral. The impact was huge. Way bigger than anyone has expected ….

And … I was safe in Singapore. Sleeping when the whole incident took place.
We are lucky. We are all very lucky.

Tsunami warnings were sent to lots of countries including Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Hawaii and many more …

Let us say a little prayer for the unfortunate who died in this terrible disaster, and let us pray that the rest of the world will have peace throughout …

Maybe 2012 is true. Maybe the world is ending …
If the world is really ending, I just want to be with my family till the very end.


9 thoughts on “The punishment

      1. oh come on, its quake by natural, not coz humans dig the hole beneath… -.- and even if its punishment, japanese dun suffer on behalf on us. ur title’s off-ed missy.

      2. =.= I mean not saving the earth, not being environmental friendly miss! Did I mention that Japanese are suffering on behalf of us? WTF?
        Seriously, natural disasters not only happen in Japan? It is happening everywhere! And why is this so? Because of global warming and alot of things that we humans do! seriously, u dont even understand my title at all.

  1. hi there, in case you couldnt see this i meant this for you from my fb since u hastily deleted me after leaving your 伟大 comments there.

    earthquakes causes when the crustal plates are moving. it has absolutely nth to do with nuclear, tapping much into oil resources etc. fyi, japan was created by the explosion of the submarine volcanoes like aeon years ago. its is absolu…tely NATURAL that such things occurred and all we can do is help with human resources like MONEY and FOOD. they absolutely do not need things like PUNISHMENT for us ppl to comment on that. if PUNISHMENT is indeed true, let it happen in damn everywhere including singapore. otherwise, i have pure geog for u.

    1. u still don’t understand me. =.= so have you donated? I have. Did you? What makes you think that I think this is a punishment for Japan. If I do, will I ask people to pray for the misfortunate ones? If I do, will I donate money?
      You just don’t get my pt. and punishment is indeed happening everywhere now!

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