Creepy Story but …

My father shared with me one story yesterday. I’m not sure if it’s a true story or not, but whatever it is, this story sends creeps to my spine …

Here it goes…

There was a man who went to have his fortune tell with his friend at a temple.
Man: Why is it that I don’t have any wealth luck?
Fortune Teller: Well, you will be receiving a very grand prize soon. And total sum adds up to $101 million dollars.

The man was shocked to hear that, but decided to try his luck at the Singapore Pool. But he didn’t win. So he exclaimed to his friend that the fortune teller was just a fraud, how can it be possible for him to win $101 million dollars.

But his friend asked him to give it another try, who knows he might just win the second time. So he bet his money on TOTO and won second prize this time round!! He won $40 million from this.

He was very happy and called his friend to tell him about it. His friend was puzzled.
Friend: But the fortune teller says that you will win $101 million. Where’s the other $61 million?But nobody has the answer to it.

Now, here comes the horrible part.

Soon after the man collected his prize, he met with an accident and died.
And now, this is how he got his remaining prize.

The insurance company decided to pay him $60 million for his death.

$40 million + $60 million = $100 million

Where’s the other $1000?

From the money collected from his funeral.


Sometimes I think life and death is fated.
I read newspaper yesterday about a man who died in the MRT platform just because a loose steel door/window (or something close) fell onto him.
A technician who died while repairing the LRT tracks because an LRT ran over him.
I’ve also heard cases where a man died while walking close to a building when someone committed suicide and his body fell onto him.

These are rare but real cases. And they do happen ….

Everyday is a gift. You may be healthy and well now. But you will not know what will happen to you the next minute. And now I do think that Birthdays are really an important occasion to be celebrated. To celebrate the fact that you are well and alive now, to celebrate your existence.

Life is short.
Instead of being so unhappy about life, why not start thinking about how to make your life happier? No doubt, you will still have to go to work or go to school. But try finding some joy in it? Have some hobbies. Play your favourite sport or eat your favourite food. And really, treasure your love ones now before it is all too late. Time is precious, but please remember to spare a little time with the ones who are dear to you. Even a phone call or a sms will tell that person just how much you mean to them. But if they don’t reply you, you know how much you mean to them.



One thought on “Creepy Story but …

  1. oh my this is so creepy…yup totally agree that life is so vulnerable man.should really be thankful we are healthy and alive:)

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