I love shopping online because I get to purchase it without making a trip down to the mall.
I need retail therapy whenever school works bug me but I can’t go on a shopping trip to town because I’d be too guilty about not studying at home.

However, shopping online is a chore at times because I need to click on individual shops just to check out what’s new. It is especially irritating when I don’t have so much time to spare.

These are just some blogshop mails I have. They are launching every so often that I can’t keep up with them! And apparently, I’ve only read one mail out of the so many mails I’ve got from blogshops. =.=
I simply do not have the time or energy to check out all stores everyday.

But now, we have STYLEMYSELF to solve our problems!

Yeah. You can literally STYLE YOURSELF there without having the hassle to click on individual blogshops now.

Stylemyself is a one-stop fashion e-catalogue. They organize and catalogue images and details of products that are available for sale across Singapore.
Good for quick and easy browsing! Just click on the titles and venture into the areas that you are most interested in. For example, Women clothings etc.

There are simply too many items for you to browse through. All in one site. Isn’t that convenient? I can now shop in one day whenever I’m free, instead of checking out blogshops consecutively.

If you are interested in any items, just click on it for a clearer view. You can e-mail them straight from the site or you can go to their store via the link and check out their other items.

And look what I’ve found! A vintage Leopard print bag!!! So pretty!!
Yes, at Stylemyself, you can definitely locate latest trend and latest fashionable products from all over Singapore!

When I’m in a hurry to get a whole set of outfit for any special occasion, this is the first site I head to.
I can browse almost anything and everything there; from clothing to accessories to shoes to bags and to hats!

Just look at the variety of accessories over there!

Shopping is made easier this way!

If you are a blogshop owner, this site is for you too! It is a platform for local fashion retailers to showcase their LATEST products collectively. You can create your own stores and gain traffic too.

Check out their cool Stylemyself iphone app. And it is absolutely free!
You can browse through the latest items there.
The fun part is, when you favourite some items on the website itself, the iphone app will actually notify you when you are near your favourites!
Cool huh?!

Stylemyself iPhone App is available for FREE from the Apple App Store. Just go to the App Store in your iPhone and type in “Stylemyself” in the search box to locate the app.
So don’t wait!

And before I end, here are some apparels and bags which I found in Stylemyself!

You seriously need to check out the site yourself for more interesting stuff!



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