My birthday wish

I love this dress! ^^

So I did so many things today. 🙂
Was out to CUskin Event this morning and had a great dinner with GFS today.
Pictures next time alright.

Anw, I wana “upgrade” my skincare. The term “upgrade” is used because I’ve never used anything besides the drugstore labels. But but I’m really tempted to try Clinique’s 3 step skincare after reading positive reviews about it. Some even claimed that it completely changed their life!  They have skincare range for Dry skin, Combination-dry skin, Combination-oily skin and Oily Skin which I thought was pretty straightforward and easy to choose. I’m especially interested in their Liquid Facial Soap for oily skin and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. The downside? It’s costly. I think its about $65 for the Moisturizing Gel and $35 for the Soap?

The problem with people like me who wasn’t born with great skin, is that we need to put in extra effort. I absolutely understand people with oily and acne prone skin because I’ve been there and it’s hell. Not that I’m completely out of that stage, but they are somehow under control now. I really need right skincare to get them on track.

So if clear skin can be granted, then I’d like to think that it is worth it.

Maybe this shall be my birthday wish! 🙂

Random pic of me and my sis.
We were being called as twins twice today!! First at the CUskin event, then at the bubble tea shop where the lady always thought we were just ONE PERSON whenever either of us pass by the shop. She didn’t know that actually we were two different people all together.

Wo de tian. Got so alike meh?!


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