Got good products to intro!

Can you guess where was I?

Why are there balloons?

Whose party was it?

Yeah. If you can read the banner at the top of the left wall, I was at CUskin Prize Presentation! (opps, no prize for guessing correctly.)

Still remember my blog post on CUskin BB cream?
They presented prizes to the winning bloggers. 🙂

Cannot remember my blog post? No problem, you can read it here.

All participants were invited. So I was there with my Sis and Ling. 😉

Besides prize presentation and lunch buffet, we also had a chance to try out some of their products.

CU Clean-Up Repair Balancing Cream

This is a moisturizer that helps control oil and moisture balance to the oily and trouble skin. It cares for the pores and soothe the skin.

Slight creamy yet watery texture!

Next, Wendy demonstrated the use of their BB cream on Jeanette.

This was the BB cream which I tried and reviewed on my blog post.
It has a pinkish undertone and contains no SPF.
BB creams with SPF can be a tad oilier than those without. So if you are already using a sunscreen, choose BB cream without SPF to prevent looking like an oil pan during mid day.

However, I find that pink undertone may not be suitable for all. Some people might appear greyish with it.

Alternatively, you can also mix your sunscreen with your BB cream.
I think the ratio is 1.5 BB cream: 1 sunscreen

Their sunscreen has a watery texture and is very easily absorbed by the skin.

We were also introduced to their very high end products — Dr.MK Vitamin U Series.

Yes. Not Vitamin A, B or C but VITAMIN U

Vitamin U helps for lifting the wrinkle by the regeneration action of skin cell with extraction from cabbage and broccoli.
It will improve the skin moisture rapidly and regenerate collagen. It also help to supply enough oil and moisture to the dry skin.

This series includes Vitamin U serum, Vitamin U Cream and Vitamin Mask.

Here’s a little token of appreciation from CUskin!

Their pH Balancing Toner!!

This product helps maintain skin pH balance, instantly delivers a burst of refreshment and leaves skin a soft feeling for a long time.

Normal skin has a pH value between 4.2 to 5.6.
Heard of the phrase “use mild cleansers with pH value 5.5”?
Maintaining the skin’s pH value is very important so as to prevent acne and skin irritation.

Oh one of the main ingredients for this toner is ROSEWATER!
I love rosewater and I love the smell of this toner so much.
Can’t wait to use it! ^-^

Lastly, a group picture of all the bloggers that afternoon!
Thank you  CUskin and Wendy for being a great host!

You can buy CUskin products via online here
Quote "Vivianism" to enjoy 5% discount!
 This promotion is FOREVER! 

*Reviews are based on first time experience only.


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