Very warm! I need SUNBLOCK!

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Can you feel the warm temperature recently? 

Think the autumn season is gone. (ok, I know SG only has SUMMER, but it’s indeed hotter now than before!) It’s been like what? 33 degree Celsius almost everyday??


This is why you need to pay more attention and apply SUNBLOCK more religiously!

I can do without makeup but never sunblock. I swear by it. If I go out without any protection, I’d feel uneasy like a part of me is missing.

I normally use 50 SPF on my face which is just nice for daily activities indoor.
Yes, the rays are harmful and can reach you even through the windows, so sunblock is still very important even indoor.

But what about being outdoor? Like to the beach or playing sports?
I know right! June holidays are nearing….any vacation plans?

If you are going to be out in the sun for long hours, please use SPF higher than 50.

You can try
SUNPLAY UV Body Mist Sunblock SPF80PA++
Super Block Clear Finish SPF 130 PA+++

Ok. I know many people don’t know how to read SPF and PA value.
So I’m going to guide you along. If you already know how, you can skip this part.

Basically, there are 2 type of rays from the Sun.
UVA and UVB. UVA is usually the ray that cause pre-mature aging.

SPF is the abbreviation for SunProtectionFactor, and  mainly refers to the time frame of protection you have under the sun.
SPF 1 = 15 min of protection
SPF 10 = 150 min of protection

PA means ProtectionUVA which is said to prevent UVA damage.
There are 3 types: PA + (effective), PA + + (very effective), PA + + + (super effective)

So let’s take a look at the Super Block Clear Finish!
It has super duper high SPF and PA value!
SPF 130 means 1950 min of sun protection, means more than  32.5 hour! WOW. That’s more than a day’s time!!

So which means, if you apply this sunblock, you don’t have to reapply anymore.

Yup, it is water resistant. So if you go swimming, this is perfect.
Oh and this can be used on the face and body.

Very liquidy formula. I have to struggle taking this picture cos the sunblock was going to drip off any moment. lol.

After applying the sunblock on my face, with zero makeup.

I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture, but this sunblock actually leaves a white cast on my face. It looks oily initially, but after awhile, the oilyness became like a natural glow on the face. And this sunblock does feel a bit sticky.

One thing I cannot stand about this sunblock is the smell.
Seriously it smells so horrible that I don’t think I’d use it a second time on my face.
I used it on my body during my Taiwan Vacation and I think it works well. I did not become any darker even after the trip.

I know many people find it a hassle to apply sunblock on their body.

Me, for one hates the chore of doing it!
No time to do my hair and makeup already, where got time to put sunblock on my body?!

If you are like this, I suggest you to use the above UV Body Mist Sunblock.
SPF 80 which means 20 hours of protection. Good enough for a day’s outdoor activity.

So this is the Nozzle of the sunblock.

Just “mist” it to ur entire body!

It has a very reflective sheen on the body, good to create “glowing” skin! haha!
It is a tad sticky and doesn’t absorb as well as the first sunblock.
But it is super convenient!

Will I buy it again: Probably the Superblock Clear Finish since it is for face and body. I will need it when I go for swimming or vacation! Yes I’m bringing it to USS!!!

Do I have to put sunblock if my foundation has SPF?
– Yes. Because foundation don’t have PA value and their SPF value is too low.

Do I have to reapply my sunblock if I have makeup on?
– No. because ur sunblock is still intact, underneath ur makeup. The time when you need to reapply is the time when you need to freshen up ur makeup.

How to remove my sunblock?
– Use a makeup remover

I hope this review will be very useful for people who are purchasing ur sunblock for the first time! 😀


P/S: Join Sunplay FB’s page here for more information and redemption of samples!


4 thoughts on “Very warm! I need SUNBLOCK!

  1. hmm actually i heard from alot of cosmetic consultant that spf 25 is gd enough for indoor. 50 will be too high and will tend to make your face oily!!

    1. I don’t think SPF 25 is enough for me as I’m usually out the whole day. Might be enough for you though.
      Lower SPF works well if you are someone who apply more than enough and always have the chance to reapply.
      If not, SPF 30 to 50 is actually a safe bet.

      And nope, the one I’m using doesn’t make my face oily. It all depends on the type of formula u are using.
      I’m using a liquid formula and not cream ones so my face isn’t oily at all. In fact it even helps to control oil secretion for me.
      But thanks for sharing anyway. 🙂

  2. OMG!! i beta start takin’ diz stuff seriously esp. wen i live hia in d Pacific islands. gr8 advice & i’ll share diz 2 muah frenz 😛

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