Random musings

I’ve got so much things I wana do in the holiday! I can’t wait you know?
Just cleared most of the exam papers. I’m now left with ONE.
The hardest piece of exam eveerrr!
I don’t know what I’ve been doing the whole sem in his lectures!
Or rather I’m not sure what he’s doing in his own lectures!! Grr...if not for google, I really cannot make any sense out of his notes. die. seriously. How did uni students in the past cope without google?

Speaking of Google, can you people stop plagiarizing?! Taking my whole article and copied to ur own blog, pretending that it is yours doesn’t make you a great blogger. A great blogger takes pride and most importantly shows INTEGRITY in their work. Argh. So angry with such people.

I’m taking a short break from studying. Will most probably only start tonight or even tomorrow. Depending on my mood. HAHA. Studying is spontaneous too.
I happened to find a great study spot today. No crowds, minimum noise and so near to my place. Just me and the books, oh and possibly a cup of bubble tea.
Right now I just want to sleep and rest on my miffy bunny full of love bed. ^-^

P/S: I promise I will come back with more reviews after my exam and possibly update thevenusbeauty channel with a makeup tutorial.  Pop over to see my sis’s eyeliner tutorial if you have not. Very useful for beginners. There’s an icon on my sidebar btw.
P/S/S: Do you think my spec looks cute in the picture? It’s photoshopped on! haha! :/


8 thoughts on “Random musings

  1. Hello Vivian! I couldn’t find the link to your sister’s blog on yout sidebar. Could you kindly post it via ‘reply comment’ for me please?

    Deeply appreciated with many thanks 🙂

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