Finally dating!

Haven’t had a proper date for like really really long due to never ending projects and exams. I’m thankful because whenever he came to my house, I would bore him with my never ending studies related content, but he never run away or at least try not to. I always go like 你知道吗?李白hor,他是一个文武双全的诗人! 然后 hor, 他写的诗 …..
Many a times, I almost make him fall asleep.

And because I didn’t have much time to go on a date, he didn’t mind just coming to my house and do nothing while I study and didn’t mind having a simple meal near my place.

FINALLY!! The Exams are over!!
But poor boy is sick. Down with Fever, sore throat and cough! No voice too!
Thought he was feeling better and we wanted to go on a date, but his fever came back.
So spent the day looking after him and force him to eat his panadols and sleep. Bought Liang Teh for cough and made Hot Honey Lemon for him.

After he woke up, he was feeling better and part of his voice came back!
So off we went to town! 🙂

Chillax at Mac, having nuggets while Prawn watched me eat. 😡

And had our favourite Ramen from Baikoken!

Have been walking all day and I’m having a headache! *Shrugs!
But I’m enjoying myself! I must enjoy my holiday before my attachment starts!

PS: Chopped off some lengths and  had a concave cut cos I wanted a break from all the curls I’ve been having for the past 2 years plus.
Thanks Prawn for sponsoring a huge part of my soft-rebonding cost as my 22 birthday!


4 thoughts on “Finally dating!

    1. Hello! I did my soft rebonding at a home salon near my house. 🙂 if u are interested u may email me for more.

  1. woah… you seem to be able to carry off any type of hairstyle… Haiz… If only i have long hair… but it’s too troublesome for me… hahaha!!!

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