Well-deserving holidays

Met up with Hui Jun and the rest of the girls today to celebrate Ling and my belated birthday!
More pictures soon. ❤
My hair is looking like oil pan since it’s the third day of not washing my hair!

We had great food and we shopped till our legs went numb!
Didn’t buy anything even though the colourful cheery colours of Spring&Summer season caught my eyes. I am hoping blogshops can manufacture inspired pieces so that I won’t have to spend a bomb on retail therapy. haha!

On Friday, I’ve also finally decided to put a stop to a problem that have been bothering me for so long!! 6 more sessions before I can say goodbye!

I’ll be away for a staycation next. My holidays are so eggciting!
Meanwhile, please remember to vote for our friendship and stand a chance to win Ginvera Products in retail size from me.
Currently, we are at the 4th position!! One more contestant to beat down!

Please see this entry for more information on how to win.


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