My two cent views on general election

Singapore’s General Election Voting is this coming Saturday. For the first time, I get to vote. For the first time, I find myself being involved in the Politics. Like many young Singaporeans out there, we rarely think about Politics or speak about Governance as we are living in a very secured environment. From young, we received Education and live in a place where there is little crimes or natural disasters. There wasn’t much fear. But this doesn’t mean we were contented. As the days go by and as the country prosper, it is only natural that Singaporeans start demanding. It is only natural that Singaporeans have better expectation. But unlike other countries, we didn’t make much noise or create riots. It seemed like even if we do speak up, nothing will be changed so we do nothing. We felt helpless.  And in any case, the public speaking corner isn’t exactly “free of speech” because we have to have permission before you speak.

I spoke to a taxi uncle yesterday. He was 65 and have a head full of white. When asked how many times have you voted? He said throughout his life time, he had only voted thrice. 3 times?! Either Singaporeans were really contented with the present or Singaporeans just refused to move a butt to make changes. But are Singaporeans really helpless or they just kia si?

This coming Election, I see many Singaporeans participating actively in Politics. Even the younger generation is talking about Politics over a cup of Coffee. I’m really glad that Singaporeans actually do care about making Singapore a better place to live in. But at the same time, I felt disheartened to know that Singaporeans are so dissatisfied with the PAP.

But I just hope Singaporeans would think about what the PAP has done for us all these while. Just because of the Mas Selamat incident, once in 50 years “flooding”, increased in population and living costs, you are forgoing the fact that they are also the ones who lead Singapore into a prosperous vibrant city, who made Singapore’s Eudcation first class, who made Singapore a safe country (think terrorism incident, SARS incident, H1N1 incident).

It’s okay if you do not think of those as an achievement, but what I couldn’t comprehend is the behaviour of Singaporeans at the rallies. Cheering when the opposition puts PAP down, booing at the PAP and scolding vulgarities. Singaporeans, you are really good at these.

Running a country is not as easy as counting 123. We cannot forget our roots, 做人必须饮水思源。At least our government is not corrupted. Yes, the ministers’ pay are ridiculously high but at least it wasn’t a secret? They are telling you how much they earn! Why is there a need to tell you if they know they are going to get this kind of response from people?
I would like to say that we are really fortunate to be living in Singapore. No?

You may think that I am for the PAP. But let me tell you, I am neither a Pro-PAP or Pro-Opposition. I’m sitting on the fence for I believe in voting for the policies not the party. I see potential in some leaders of the opposition like Nicole Seah of NSP, Low Thia Kiang from Wokers party and Chiam See Tong of SPP. Nicole Seah is a young Singaporean who seemed really capable and determined to make changes through her speech and Chiam See Tong is a very determined man who despite of his old-age and weak body still stand up for what he believes in. However, how do we know if they are really that capable? Or are they just good at talking? We can only risk it and let them prove it to us in the next 5 years. This also boils down to one question; are Singaporeans game for changes?

And I admit, having a few oppositions in the parliament can maintain checks because with competition, PAP wouldn’t get complacent and together they can create a better living for the Singaporeans. PAP may not be the best manager of Singapore. But who really knows who’s the best?

I would suggest Singaporeans not to follow suit with people, but be your own judge. They say A is good, you go for A. They say B is good, you go for B. A says B will make you suffer but B says you will regret if you choose A. Who’s right and who’s wrong?

So vote wisely this Saturday. For me, I’m happy with my current MP and I do not want changes. I have to say I have little confidence in SDP because of Chee Soon Juan. I cannot think about how a rash man like him is going to make Singapore a better place to live in.

No place is a perfect place to live in. Many times many policies can have good and bad consequences depending on how you see it. But are they really that bad? Or is it just Singaporeans being 不满足? 这是一个无底洞,怎么填也填不满的无底洞。人们应该学会知足常乐。


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