Staycation Part 1

Yipee! I’m back from my 2D1N STAYCATION!!
It was a whole load of fun! I didn’t expect that cus honestly how fun can Singapore be?
I have good companionship these 2 days with Ling and Hui Mei.
And we have great activities exploring around our Hotel and USS trip!

So much fun that this can go on for paragraphs.
Despite having sorethroat, I went out to play with no regrets. HAHA.

Ok, enough of ramblings. Let me show you some peektures!

We checked in to Festive Hotel at 3pm. Pior to that, we went grocery shopping.

While walking in to our room …

Our deluxe room; double single bed. Erm, yes, 3 people sharing 2 beds. haha!
We actually wanted a double bed but they were all booked already.

Let’s check out the washroom.

Oh wait, we have a balcony too! 🙂

The 3 ladies are going to spent a night together!

The view we saw when we stepped out of the balcony.
The min I saw the pool, I feel like jumping into it!

Taking photos here because I thought the background looks nice!

Stayed in the room for awhile before we head out to explore.

Took this escalator with music and sound of birds chirping …

And yes, the CASINO …

Look at the amount of people who went in and out of Casino!
Mostly aunties and uncles.
Sometimes I wonder is there a need for Singapore to have 2 casinos?

Outside Candylicious!

Up the stairs we go!

The scenery here is so pretty!

Am I really in Singapore?

Went to Ramen Play House to have our dinner!

Cam-whored there. :/

Our face like doughs! Looks as if can be mould into something else.

They say this is cool pose. LOL.

The girls!

The night view…

My camera takes good night shot!

But sometimes it gives a day-light feel despite being night time. LOL.

And we had one for one ice-cream at Candylicious. This promotion starts at 8pm.
We tried 6 flavours! Our pick is Cappuccino and Lime.

Catch the Crane Show at 8.30pm!

Look at my bunny iphone casing! Uber cuteness.

The show started out with a blue scenery.

Then two birdies woke up …

Water as their wings. SO BREATH-TAKING!

Magnificent View …

Their skeleton showing where the heart is.

Soaring …

Flying …

The show was fantastic! It is free!
But no lah, no fireworks.

Headed back to our hotel to catch the 9pm show before we washed up and had our relaxing session!

Girls in white. haha!

I got the rose wine beforehand and chilled it in the fridge.
Ice were available just outside our room! Very convenient and thoughtful.

Ling served us wine …

We had chips to go along ….

Had some HTH talk before we slept ..
And the girls love the rose wine. ^-^

To be continued ….


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