Staycation Day 2 Part 1

Day 2 of our staycation.
I decided that I’m going to split this post into various posts for I do not wish to drown one entry with so much pictures!
I wana BLOG not just PLOG (picture blogging).

Woke up, put on minimal makeup and slather on sunblock for the day!

One last picture before we checked out!

Went to Toast Box for breakkie.
Yeah, our hotel stay doesn’t include breakfast. Bad point about “travelling” in Singapore.

Anw the highlight of the day was our UNIVERSAL STUDIO TRIP!!!
We were all very excited about it!!

The last time I went on a roller coaster ride was probably few years back at downtown east. And since then, I sweared to myself that I’m never going to touch such rides again! lolol! But you know, promises are meant to be broken!

So excited to be OUT OF SINGAPORE.

The weather was so good! SOOO GOOOOD!
I would rather it be freaking warm and hot than raining non-stop!

Another friend joined us in the trip! Here’s our first group picture taken!

The hats are there for visitors to don on and take pictures with!
So when you are there, make sure you don’t miss it!

This is the scariest ride of all.
Turns in 360 degree and look at all the awkward slopes!
If you’ve too much guts, you’ll love this.
But not for me, so I skipped it. Just hearing the screams are enough to make me shudders!

And then, we came to EGYPT!
I bet they really went measure the temperature before deciding to put this place as EGYPT. Because it is super duper hot there! Almost like Sahara dessert.

2 Dwarfs in front of 2 gigantic statues.

This is a MUST-TAKE ride! Super shiok and thrilling!
Feel the adrenaline as the roller coaster goes in the dark! At some point of the ride, it actually stops for awhile and travel BACKWARDS then DOWN. My heart almost jumped out you know!

WAHHH ….. wo men lai dao le HUANG GONG!

Welcome to the land of FAR FAR AWAY!

The sky was so pretty that day that it felt so unreal!

So we enter into the palace to catch a SHREK 4D show.

Look like there’s a ball going on here. hahaha.
It was in fact jut the queue lah.

The 3D spec which we had to wear.
The show was awesome! We all could literally feel Shrek’s Donkey saliva.

Shrek and his beloved Fiona! Look at what Shrek did to our poor dude’s head. hahaha!

Goodbye far far away.

We also went to catch another 4D show called camera, lights, rolling, action!
It started out with a peaceful scene like the above.

And then later on, you will experience thunder storms, lightnings, the strong wind, the rain. You’ll see FLAMES after FLAMES. These are real fire! We can literally feel the heat.

The windows were detached by the wind too! It was so real! Even the scene outside the window was soooooo REAL.

It ended off with a huge boat coming into our direction.
Go and imagine what happen next okay. πŸ™‚

You know, all along I thought USS only have rides after rides.
But actually there were more to it! The amazing 4D shows left me with really good impression! I love it! It’s really worth the 66 bucks.

To be continued ….


9 thoughts on “Staycation Day 2 Part 1

  1. Love our first mascot shot. And i really agree, the 4D shows and some rides are really worth the 66bucks. It was hell load of awesome fun with you guys the other day. my whole mind was thinking about it; it’s like every scenes flooding through my mind these few days. i miss it! Thank you for that wonderful day, friend!:)

    1. Yes Hui Mei! I enjoyed my 2 days with you girls thoroughly! πŸ˜€ so fun!! wish time could turn back@

  2. Heheh..looks like u girls and a guy are sure having loads of fun:) The other time I went there, galectica wasn’t open. Maybe I’d ride it the next time I go there

  3. omg! I think i’ll never have the guts to try the battlestar galactica ride! hahahaha yes the 4D shows are really awesome!!!! You make me feel like going back again!!!

  4. you seem to have great day πŸ™‚
    I wish we had something like that in Istanbul too 😦
    And I loved your dark blue bag. Can I ask where to get it? :)))

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