I love this mask!

The voting for GE2011 has ended! Hoepfully Singaporeans have voted wisely for their GRC. 🙂 Either way, life has to go on!

Today I’m going to recommend a whitening mask which I’ve been using it for years!

It is the Orange Intensive Whitening facial Gel mask from O2 skin.
And I apply it using a fibre brush like this from TheFaceShop.

O2 skin is not some ulu pandan brand luh. It is another line from Bio Skin.
If Bio Skin is usable, then O2 skin is too!

Anw, my face hasn’t become rotten despite using this for years. So it’s safe!

This gel mask is really jelly like. Look like some delicious Orange pudding.
This is a brand new bottle which I’m showing you because the one which I’m using now is almost used up.

This gel mask contains orange essence that instantly penetrates deeply into the skin. It effectively exfloliate dead cell, removes dirt and excessive oil. It increases cell metabolism, eliminate toxins and melanin and provides a skin whitening effect.

What I like about applying gel mask is that it creates less mess and it is easier to wash it away than a clay mask.

Result is almost instantaneous. I feel my skin smoother and fairer with each time I used it.
This is one mask which I’ll always rave about.

Now that O2 skin is on sale! Go grab it! Think it is retailing now for $3.90!
But don’t buy too much lah, you won’t be able to finish it on time. :p


6 thoughts on “I love this mask!

  1. The one at AMK hub has closed down. Couldnt managed to get the orange one at Parkway:( Sold out. Wonder if tampines still has it.

    1. Yes veronica, i just got to know that AMK’s one closed down. I think tampiness also sold out cos the other time I went, I couldn’t manage to find it either. 😦

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