My hair story

I used to have really black and straight hair when I was young. I’ve never grow my hair out as I detest tieing up my hair. Yes, I’d used the word DETEST. I would really snap at any people who tried to tie up my hair. But my hair was perfect. Black, silky and straight!

I’m the tallest girl on the extreme left.
Reason for being tall? Cos I’m standing beside a bunch of Primary 2 kids. WTF?
I almost same height as them?!

Okay, anw the point here is my hair was good! straight, black and very thick!

Suddenly, as early as my puberty started, my hair started becoming wavy, dry and frizzy. I had no idea why my hair had a 180 degree change when I have not used anything chemical to my hair. It was almost like the broom in my home. It was spoilt.
When I reached upper secondary, my hair took a better turn. But I had the strangest and ah lian cut ever. I thined out and had so many layers in my hair. I wanted to grew my hair out, but it was tough.

I had no pictures to show you. Films were expensive back then! No camera cannot cam-whore so much!

After I graduated, I took the first step in spoiling my hair. =.= I had bright red hair for the first time. Yes. What a colour to choose for a first timer. Because I hiao ma, want to try something that nobody else did. hahaha.

But I was also on my way to no return. Once you dyed your hair, there’s no getting back. You gotta continue to do so once every 6 months unless you decide to shave off your hair. But of course, my hair was definitely dry and coarse. It doesn’t help when I look like a lion queen most of the time, even after I bathed, I still look like one, a drenched one. =.=

No matter how much serums I slapped onto my hair, it doesn’t seem to work. And with every hair dye, my hair is definitely going downhill.
Sometimes I wonder why should I spent so much money just to spoil my hair. But like I say, once you start, there’s no return despite how regretful you are after that.

My hair was still wavy back then. I was so annoyed with it most of the time but you know what? I have people telling me that they like my hair?!

I mean weird lor! They have no idea how painful it is to manage my wavy coarse hair. These hair simply doesn’t want to flow in one direction no matter how hard I tried to tame them.

So I decided to PERM it.

Didn’t expect my first perm to be soooo curly and small. I had ceramic perm.
But it was pretty! The curls were so bouncy that many people were asking me where I did my perm!

I couldn’t regonize myself after that. It was refreshing but I guess I would never want to do that again. lol.

After my first perm died, I had a second perm again. This time round, a body wave perm. It was so much natural than the first one I did and I got used to it eventually. My hair was really long by then so I decided to chop them off for shorter kawaii look.

I like my curls. I think I look good in curls which probably not every girls are suitable for it.
And my curls always look energetic and lively! I dono how to describe but most girls I’ve seen have really dull and droppy curls. Maybe due to different hair texture. Mine was just able to hold the curls really well!

But you know, after having curls for 2 years. I suddenly felt the need to CHANGE.
Anw, to me it wasn’t that much of a major change, so much so that I have to consider it so much.

It was just this one night that I really have the urge to chop off my hair because I’m really frustrated with my died-out curls hair. But I know for sure, if I do consider chopping so much length off, I would need to go for straightening. My hair is wavy by nature, and there’s no way to tame shorter hair unless I go for rebonding.

So yes! I decided to go for SOFT-REBONDING.
Soft-rebonding is different from the normal rebonding as it is not as straight and flat, probably not as lasting too. But you get the drift; it straightens and tame my frizzy hair.
And no elf ears (lol!); you know how the ears can stick out if it is too flat.
For once I could actually feel the softness of my hair.

I describe this hair as the NORM. hahaha!
Nothing special; nothing fanciful. But it suits me!
This is a concave cut; shorter hair at the back.

The length is just right for my height. Not too long and draggy. Previously, nobody could see my head and body; all they could see was HAIR. Very voluminous hair. lolol!

Some might still prefer the curlier version of me. But then again, there’s always curler to do the trick. I enjoy making changes like this from time to time. But for now, let me enjoy running my fingers through my hair. Also, my 代价 is that I need to apply lots and lots of hair mask at least twice weekly to save my drying hair!

If you’ve always wanted to get a hair change, go for it!
You’ll never know how you look like unless you try!
You’ll be surprised!


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