Staycation Day 2 part 2

Universal Studio Trip Part 2.

If you haven’t already read my Staycation part 1 post, check out here and here

Random shot of me and the Police Car.

Meet Marilyn Monroe.
I noticed our Marilyn Monroe is so much prettier and slimmer than the ones I saw on various friends’ USS album. LOL.

We went to this restaurant for our lunch! PIZZA!

Just look at the mega hugeeeee pizza for the 4 of us.

Satisfied meal!

Went to explore one of the alley there.
Nothing much there but it is a pretty place to take pictures.

I like to take pictures of these wires that cannot be seen in Singapore.
I took Malaysia’s, China’s, Taiwan’s and not forgetting USS’s. HAH.

Passed by Water World and caught another show on time!

It is a fabulous water show with ….

great actors/actresses, effects including small yatch spinning, explosive, guns, fires.
Oh yea, be prepared to GET WET!
Very nice show!
My friends thought this was the best show!

Also caught the Donkey’s show…

It is a 2D show but the donkey could communicate with us live!

Joanne being called up because she is a Singaporean.
It was very entertaining!

Is Jurassic Park one of your favourite movie ?

Took a junior roller coaster there.
I had to take off my slippers and I felt really insecure without any protection on my feet!
Screamed till my heart’s content.

This is no kick ride. Took for fun. haha!

Oh and lastly GET WET!!!
Along the bumpy route, there were dinosaurs at the side to scare us.
Funny thing was Pei Ling and I didn’t get wet, but the other 2 friends did.
And they were so so wet! hahahaha!

One group picture to end this post.

It was a great STAYCATION with my friends.
Oh I love trips like this. Time like this just made me want to go through this again and again. Friends, thanks for making those 2 days a wonderful joyous moment for all of us!

I’m not afraid of the sun so long as I have my water, shades and SPF with me! :p


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