Ask Vivi: What regime did you use to get rid of the pimples?

Hey, my name is Samantha and I came across your blog when I was looking for reviews on facial products. I saw your earlier post on dealing with acne and pimples and therefore I would like to ask you on what regime did you use to get rid of the pimples? I cleanse twice a day but from last few weeks, the amount of pimples on my face is spreading so fast. I don’t know what actually could have caused this breakout as before this I get minimal number of pimples and my skin is mostly clear. Could you give me some advice on what I can do to help my skin? Also, I have a friend who has a small scar on her face due to chemical burn. Knowing that you may have the expertise, do you have any recommendation of products that can help to lighten up the scar? Thanks a lot. I am looking forward to your answers.

Hello Samantha,

Just to let you know, I’m actually just a blogger who is very into skincare and beauty, not really an expert. But like you, I do have acne and oily skin in the past. Now, they are all under control although I still get mid-day shine. May I know what’s your age group? Are you a teenager, a young adult or? I’ll be assuming that you do not have too much sensitivity problem.

Anw, I started seeing improvement when I started using Avene CLEANANCE SOAPLESS GEL CLEANSER like years ago when I was still a teen. This is for Oily, Young Problem And Acne-Prone Skin. Shiny skin, blemishes and acne can all be improved with the Cleanance range is specially formulated with an original trio of active ingredients that work in synergy to rid you of shiny skin, eliminate excess sebum, blackheads and cutaneous imperfections, while respecting your skin’s natural sensitivity.

I did not have a fix moisturizer at that point of time as I was still a student with no extra pocket money for these. But I could afford Oxy pimple cream. I would suggest you to try Oxy 5 first; it contains 5% of benzoyl peroxide. I recommend you to use it sparingly; only on affected areas. Try not to apply onto your whole face as it may be quite drying for the skin. I like to apply the cream at night ONLY. Try to resist the urge to scratch or pop your pimples. I know it can be really tempting at times. And of course, there are many other pimple cream in the market for you to try out if this doesn’t work for you.

In the past, I do not really have any moisturizer nor any knowledge about it.. But now, I can recommend you a few to use. What you need is a light-weight moisturizer (best to be gel type) that does not clog pores. Look out for word non-comodogenic. Try Eucerin Dermo-purifiyer creme gel. This is oil free. Neutrogena Water Gel and B.liv Leach Me is good too.

You may also want to scrub your face weekly. I personally like Ginvera Marvel Gel as it is really light weight. And as for toner, I’m not so particular. But I thought DHC salicylic acid toner is good to prevent pimples too.

So the process is  Cleanse – Tone – Moisturize – pimple cream
Do weekly scrub, twice a week mask, monthly facials.
Facials really does help in the long run. After I recover from Acne, which is also the time when I started having vacation jobs that I had a little money to spare, I went to sign up a facial package. When I first signed up, I occasionally still do have pimples outbreak and I have many blackheads, white heads, clogged pores and oil seed. I see a great improvement on my skin after a few sessions, all the bumps were gone and I no longer have outbreak that often.

If all things fail, I suggest you to visit a dermatologist.

Unfortunately I do not have any tips to remove the scar on your friend’s face. Maybe she would like to visit a dermatologist for further advice on that.

P/S: This is my way of regime; it does not necessary suit everybody’s skin.

E-mail me at only if you have any long questions.
Otherwise, please use my formspring account.
I’ll try my best to reply your queries whenever possible.


2 thoughts on “Ask Vivi: What regime did you use to get rid of the pimples?

  1. i havent try facial yet even though im spending so much money on skincare products currently. where did you get your facial done at?? is it cheap? i always have the notion that facial is expensive, that’s why i havent try it yet. haha

    1. My facial was done at a neighbourhood salon located at Tanjong Pagar. Mine was student price $50 per session (if signed package). There is this last step which is anti-bacterial where they use a special tool to do it. I heard other salons do it too but at a much higher price. I think if you find a good beautician who can do good extractions and massaging, it is definitely worth it. Now I have smooth skin without all the bumps and oil seed. I still have large pores though which cannot be altered much since its in the genes. haha! I can only try to reduce it. And anyway, for the first few session it is best to do it monthly, subsequently I only do it when I am free. haha! So my 10 sessions are spread across 2 years and haven’t finish!

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