What’s in my cosmetic pouch?

Recently I just changed a new cosmetic pouch and updated my pouch with more items.

Polka dot pouch. Cute right?! Imma a polka dot fan.

Just to show you what’s in my cosmetic pouch…
Personally, I’m a minimal touch-up girl. So long as there’s no streaks on my foundation due to perspiration and stuff, you’ll not get the chance to see me doing touch up.

1. Mirror
I bought this in School. The pink sheets are blotting papers.
But I usually don’t use them unless I run out of my own blotting papers.

2. Kleenex blotting papers
3. Biore Make-up removal sheets

Combination-oily skin like mine always encounter mid-day shine.
So I need to blot these oil away, usually once after lunch and once after school.
Biore Makeup removal sheets are put to use when I need to remove my makeup.

I love Kleenex oil blotting papers. They are beautiful with floral designs.
The quality of the blotting papers is good too, with a price cheaper than Clean and Clear.

4. ZA Groovy Smoovy Oil Blotting Powder
I don’t do touch ups; meaning I don’t reapply my foundation. But if I find my foundation disappearing or running, I would blot my face followed by using this Blotting Powder. It has good oil control so it helps to prevent my face looking like a oil pan too fast.

5. Hope Girl Under Eye Magic Cleaner
This is a new product which I recently got.

And I really need to rave about it!!
It helps to remove under eye smudges easily and conveniently with a few swipes, even waterproof makeup!! Do remember to swipe in one direction.
I’m someone who gets smudges easily despite using waterproof items. So this is like god-sent to me! It glides on smoothly and doesn’t tug my eyes, hence preventing pre-mature wrinkles. Consists of grapes seed oil, almond seed oil, mineral oil & shea butter giving softness & moisture to delicate eye area. And I love the packaging; it’s leopard print! Heh Heh. 

6. Refresh Contacts Eyedrop
I’m a contact lens user and my eyes get tired easily. So this is a must-have in my cosmetic pouch. I used to get those disposable ones but I realise it is such a waste because I have to throw it away after a single day’s use.

I’m very paranoid about the eyes matter as I’ve very powerful tear glands that my eyes always look watery. And and usually I would tear if I’m down with flu. They are very sensitive. Hence, I’m very careful about what I put on my eyes.
I’m strictly against buying lens online.

7. Seba med Lip Defense SPF30
8. Nivea Pinkish Boost SPF15
9. O2 skin Lipstick
10. Rimmel Sweet Jelly Lip Gloss

Yes. I have a lot of lips related items in my pouch because that’s the only place which needs constant re-application. My lips can get rather dry if I don’t drink water for an hour. So lipbalms are very essential to me. I have dark lips, which I attribute it to the fact that I’m always out in the sun without protection in the past. So now, I only choose lipbalms with SPF. I personally prefer Seba Med Lip Defense than the Nivea’s. Nivea’s tinted and it seems like a gloss more than a lipbalm to me. But if I need colour on my lips, I’d use it.

11. Eye Cream
This is an eyelash glue which I brought a few months back online.
It is really strong and holds my eyelashes well. I bring them out just in case my eyelashes fell out. It has happened a few times!
And I’ve also read that Xiaxue and Bongqiuqiu loves it!


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