My shopaholic diary

So my holiday has started for about 2 weeks at least. Besides meeting up with friends for lunch or dinner and going for my pampering sessions, I’ve practically been doing retail therapy the whole time. Oh wait, it isn’t exactly a therapy since I’ve not been feeling depressed or anything close to that. But I was definitely doing some major shopping, especially when my attachment is coming soon, so the need to shop for some work wears.

And I realise that lately, I’m no longer drawn to those $5 $10 piece of apparels in Bugis. Even in Bugis, I managed to spend a bomb there. But of course, those apparels which I bought are of high quality materials and it is a staple which will never be out of season.

You know in the past, I always settle for some cheap apparels with poor workmanship or cutting, having the mentality that since I’m always buying clothes, there’s no use in buying good qualities ones. I would just wear it twice or thrice before chucking them aside. These $5, $8, $10 apparels can satisfy my ever changing chameleon personality without burning a hole in my pocket!

(In BnW since both are really blur pictures
but both are made of really good materials! Not just poor cottons..)

However, now, I finally realise that quality is way better than quantity. Why don’t I own a few pieces of good quality apparels which I will wear it again and again and again? Actually, it is not that bad to keep on repeating my wardrobe, if the ones I’m repeating looks really good on me, speaks a lot about me and comfortable when I wear it, just like the above. Right?

Yes. I personally feel that clothes speak a lot about a person. I’m not the girlish kind of girl yet I don’t belong to the tom-boyish kind; I’m adventurous and I love to dress up. But I don’t like looking too busy; so usually I would opt for a one piece kind of outfit, paired with simple belts, bangles, earrings or necklaces. 我喜欢的服装要有一点个性;柔带钢,钢带柔。Like an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Of course, there will be times when I will definitely be able to get good quality stuff without a hefty price tag. Just like today, I managed to get a really pretty pants which is suitable for work and play for only $29. To me, that was really a steal!

Oh well. I’m just getting tired of shopping not because I don’t have enough clothes to wear; but it’s just that the clothes I have are mostly of low qualities or poor cutting which doesn’t fit me perfectly. And sadly, I’ve a body build that’s sooo small and isn’t easy to find clothes that fit me perfectly. So I end up looking like I’ve a wardrobe full of clothes, but in actual fact, nothing much which I can wear out.

How nice would it be if I open my wardrobe, and everything are clothes which looks good, and fits me perfectly. Doesn’t matter if I’ve worn them once, twice, thrice or even more. Because I love them and I will wear them often. In the end, I don’t have to do so much frequent shopping and can in fact save so much more money!

Which brings me to a point of revamping my wardrobe! I’ve gotten rid of many clothes at my Flea market last week and I’m so glad. Now, time to buy good quality ones which will last for a long time. Maybe I will quit buying online so much and so often. Maybe I should consider major shopping after every semester break, instead of doing so many small shopping in between. And maybe I should consider buying more accessories instead since these can change an outfit’s feel totally!

Right. Thanks for reading my shopaholic diary. hahaha. 🙂


4 thoughts on “My shopaholic diary

    1. I love it too!! You know the price was a little steep! I really pondered for really long before deciding to buy it.

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