Kissjane, be plain Jane no more!

Was invited to Kissjane Kaleidoscope of Colours Event!

Kissjane is a multi-brand boutique concept that brings ONLINE SHOPPING into REALITY! Yes, it is ONLINE SHOPPING minus the ONLINE part!

They believe in a Kaleidoscipic Shopping experience, and are focused on providing a unique fashion experience every time you step into their stores.

Now, they have 23 Brands, featuring 1000 collection, 18000 designs in 365 Days!
Some of their blogshop brand partners include The Tinsel Rack, The StageWalk, Little Red Heels, Finding Dressabelle, Missy Pixie. I’m sure these brands are not unfamiliar to the online shopping addicts out there.

So if something you fancy are OOS online, come down toΒ  Kissjane and you might just find what you want there!

Met up with Xinyi from Myfatpocket before heading down to the event which was held at MOF (Ministry of Food).
Was served drinks while waiting for the event to kickstart.

The event today was about COLOURS so I specifically chose something bright to wear!
Meet my favourite colour ORANGE. πŸ˜€

I have a strong affinity with the colour ORANGE and I think I look awesome in this colour!

Now, head into MOF!
Look at the KissJane sticker on my arm!! ❀

They invited Trey Wong, a Mediacorp Stylist to share with us the trend in this season.

Just look at what they have on the rack~
What do you see?

That’s right.

This season, bright colours are on the trend.
Like what I’ve shared previously on my blog, colours like Green, Orange, Yellow can be seen on the runway. And these colours just made one happy by wearing it. Don’t you think so?

But how do we wear it? One of the most trendy method to wear them is


Colour Blocking make use of contrasting colours in blocks.
If worn correctly, they can even enhance one’s body shape.

Do you do colour blocking?
I do!

The host is showing us her newly brought colour block toga dress from Kissjane.
It is lovely, isn’t it?! This also reminds me that I’ve one similar dress at home!

They invited 2 bloggers up to the stage and choose a brand new outfit!

This is what they chose from the rack.
I think they look amazing with these colours!

Trey Wong then added the mustard blazer to enhance the colour blocking effect.

He also gave us a tip in choosing colours that is suitable for our skintone.
Place the apparel beside our face; if our face brightens up and doesn’t look dull, then the colour suits us! If you find yourself noticing the colour more than your face, then the colour might not be suitable for you as the attention will be drawn away from your face.

Me and Xinyi, a picture developed for every bloggers.

It was break time so I headed outside to see what’s on their rack.
Look what I’ve found!
A colourblock top which you can pair it with a pair of high waist shorts.

I spotted a range of Benefit products at a corner!
So turns out that Benefit is also going to introduce us some of their products.

Do you know that Benefit has a Brow Bar station?
One’s eyebrow can change the whole look instantly.
Messy brows always make one look very tired and listless.
Worse if your eyebrows are too light and can’t be seen!

So head down to Benefit and get your brows done!

Benefit’s makeup artist doing a makeover for the blogger.

Next, I’m going to introduce you some of the products which I fancy.

That Gal brightening face primer ..

Be that gal…the one guys would walk over hot coals to get to. Apply this perky pink primer under makeup for a smoother, brighter base, or try it solo for a subtly sunny glow.
Retailing at $56.

My all time favourite blusher is a cheek tint.
Showcasing BENETINT.

Apply 3 dots on your cheeks and blend it quickly with your fingers.
You’ll see a naturally sheer rosy cheeks! Can be used on your lips too.
Retailing at $62

If you like a pinkier shade, try Poise Tint.
I’ve this at home and I love it!

With this perfect poppy pink tint, it’s a shore thing. Just blend on cheeks and lips and tell pale skin to go jump in the lake. $62.

Oh and I won a box of Hershey’s chocolate! πŸ˜€

This was my first time in MOF Lenas, and I was surprised cos they served great food!

I thought their pizza was great!!

I was busily eating and have forgotten to take a picture before that. LOL.
But this was GOOD! I love the big mushrooms!

Chocolate Fondue!

The ingredients for their fondue…

Love it!

I love the food so much that I went with my boyfriend yesterday!

We had smoked salmon

and I had really yummy cranberry strawberry drink.

Xinyi, Trey Wong, Me and Irene …
Oh and I was actually wearing a pair of jeans that day.
I wear all kinds of pants just not jeans. That day was rare.

After the event ended, a few bloggers went up to Kissjane which was at Bugis Junction #03-13A to shop! We all had $20 voucher to spend … πŸ˜€

And I brought home the above!!
Very comfortable material which looks good on flare trousers, skorts or shorts.
Very versatile piece good for school and casual shopping!

Another Kissjane outlet can be found at Citylink Mall #B1-39

Lastly, ending off with a picture of me and Xinyi!
We both hit off quite well due to many similarities we had!

I had a great day! πŸ˜€
Head down to Kissjane now and be plain jane no more!

** This blog post is brought to you by Kissjane, Benefit, MOF Lenas


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