For beautiful hair

I may not have the most beautiful hair around and taking care of my hair used to be a chore to me. Sometimes I’d be so eager to start taking care of my hair but this interest never last. I’d get tired of it soon and poof, my hair will be back into disaster.

But ever since I went for a soft rebonding which dries up my hair like seriously, I vow to take good care of my mane. I cannot afford to let these chemicals spoil my hair. If not, no more hair, next time how to change hairstyle? >.<

Anw, having been there done that. I know how it feels like to have dry thick and messy hair. I know how it feels like when you wake up in the morning, you have to spend a lot of effort detangling your hair and making sure your mane doesn’t look like a lion’s. And you cannot comprehend why people want your hair just because it’s thick!

I love the thickness! But they forgot this is often accompanied by dryness, wavyness and frizziness. =.=

So when it comes to hair, I’ve a few rules to abide to. I used to slack in this area, but now I’m going to be stricter with myself!

1. Always comb hair with a wide-tooth brush when it’s wet.
Hair is at its weakest when it is wet. So it is best not to comb it when it is super wet.
But if I’m going to air-dry my hair instead of using a blow dryer, I’d comb it with a wide-tooth brush, starting with the ends then work my way up.

2. Shampoo every other day instead.
I used to shampoo everyday but I realise shampooing everyday strips off all the natural moisture to keep the hair in better condition. But Singapore’s weather is too humid, hence I decided that shampooing every other day is the best way. I’ve been trying this method for awhile now and I think it works!

3. Always use a conditioner or treatment.
I don’t know about you people, but I love to use a lot of conditioner or treatment.
The washing of hair process is not complete without this step.

I’m currently using Goldwell Kerasilk Treatment.

This product contains nourishing conditioners such as silk proteins and moisturising lipids that will penetrate your dry, damaged hair, replenishing it to its natural health and leaving it looking simply stunning! Soft, smooth hair that shines with health, now that’s not unruly!

I got this from my hairdresser who insisted I had to use this everyday for awhile to get my hair back in shape. I love the texture of this treatment; very soft and light and when I applied them to my ends, it leaves a silky feeling. My hair is well-nourished everytime I use it.

But this is very pricey, so I doubt I would continue to use it in the long run.

4. Apply Leave-in Conditioner or Hair Oil

I love using this Paul Mitchell Leave-in Conditioner.

It get hair into shape and helps balance moisture, prevent dryness and improve texture! And here;s the secret surprise: it moisturizes skin too!

It is a blueish gluey texture which is easily absorbed by the hair without weighing my hair down. I’ve been using this for very very long and it is perfect for my hair texture!

5. Do deep-conditioning/hair mask twice weekly.
This is the hardest part. I think doing hair mask is like big effort but this is also the step which makes a lot of difference.

If you are looking for a quick fix, try out L’oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition 1 minute hair mask.

Yes. 1 min is all you need though I always leave it on for 30 mins-1 hour before washing it off.

This hair mask contains royal jelly, bathes very dry hair in nourishing ingredients to replenish the fiber with moisture. Your hair regains elasticity, bounce and suppleness. It instantly feels replenished and revitalised.

I have a bit of dry fried ends due to the rebonding, but after using the mask religiously, I found my hair ends to be beautiful and straight! My boyfriend could feel the difference in my hair when he touches them! I would say this is great!

6. No bleaching, no highlighting.
I made a great mistake when I decide to highlight my hair. =.=
My hair is generally in ok condition except for my highlighted areas. They are so dry and I’m still trying to fix them!

7. No chemical treatments for at least 6 months.
Despite seeing the fact that I always change my hairstyle, I still stick to a rule.
I will not dye/straighten/perm my hair for at least 6 months in order to let my hair recuperate. Even though I hate my hair colour now since it has fade into golden brown, I’d still try to 刃!

8. Vitamin for hair
I’ve been taking some vitamin for baby smooth skin.
It includes Vitamin B2, B6, Biotin, Coix Seed etc …
But the point here is not about skin. I’ve read that Biotin, B6 and B12 is a major role in maintaining healthy hair and skin. B6, B12 and folic acid all support red blood cells, which in turn provide constant supplies of blood and oxygen to the hair. A deficiency can result in damaged hair, slow hair growth, shedding, and overall hair loss. Foods rich in B12 include chicken, fish, pork, liver, soybeans, kidney, and eggs. (WAH ALL MY FAVOURITE. lol) Vitamin C, copper, iron and zinc is essential for healthy hair too.

But the supplement I’m taking is not cheap and I am considering going for B complex after finishing my current bottle. Vitamin Bs can also help to reduce stress, nervous, anxious and depressed feeling.

Let’s see if my effort will pay off in the end. I want strong healthy hair just like I want beautiful skin!

If you have pretty hair, do share how you take care of your hair! 😀


4 thoughts on “For beautiful hair

    1. if ur hair gets oily easily, it is still best to wash it everyday. Mine gets oily after 2 days of not washing. haha!

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