Simple and comfortable

More new clothes = more fashion posts. haha!

Wearing KissJane Crop Top with a pretty pair of pants.
Not exactly a crop top on me, but wadever.
This pants is actually metallic bronze in real life, not khaki.
Yeah, metallic colour so its abit shiny irl!
I love it cos I can wear this for work and play.

This is a very comfortable outfit.
You’ll see me wearing this pretty often from now on.

Oh yes, that’s a colourblock bracelet I bought eons ago!

Check out my look of the day.
Effortless makeup with lots of effort actually.

In this look, I used coral eyeshadow and only line my eyes near the edge of my eyes.
For my base makeup, I’m using Murad Skin Perfecting Primer in Matt Finish + Skin79 Diamond BB cream + Skin79 Diamond BB sunpact

I love the Murad Primer. It seems to do a good job in oil controlling.
Best of all? One shade fits all.

Use mascara to prep open the eyes. I’m using Maybelline Pulse Perfection Waterproof Vibrating Mascara here and I love it!! My lashes curls up easily with this formula.
One bad point is my mascara still smudge a little on me.

Oh and I tried lining my water line with a shimmering white liner today. Think it is not bad, but do remember to line another brown/black liner below the white one or your eyes will end up looking puffy. For me, I choose to dot the line with a black eyeliner for a softer look and for a fake I have bottom lashes look.

I’m also using Lancome Coral Lipstick with Rimmel Lip Gloss.

So if you think I look effortlessly pretty, think again.


Met up with GY today.
It’s been really really long since I last saw her.
But I enjoy going out on a solo date with her.
Ok, make it that I enjoy going out on solo date with anyone.

She’s my childhood best friend and always will be.

We were at Fish and Co for a simple lunch.
Honestly, their fish doesn’t taste good! It stinks.

I’m quite random! =p

Love her!
And the damages we did today to our pocket. :p


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