Put self before anything else

This post is for anyone who is currently working out there and a reminder for self when I start to step into the workforce.
Lately my mum has been doing OT for many nights and it has taken a toil on her health.
And my sister who has just found a job after graduation came home as late as 11pm just on her FIRST DAY of work.

In Singapore, it is not difficult to spot working adults who slogged their ass off for the companies.

They are referred as Workaholics.

Workaholics are people who are obsessively addicted to work.
They can begin working from the morning like 7am or earlier and not rest till their body fails them.
They put work in front of family, relationships, health and self. Even if they are sick, they continued to work.

To me, they are just slaves for the companies. Only slaves work that hard.
Seriously, unless this is a sales line (retail hours), or that I own the business or that they pay me 15k, if not why should I slog my ass out for you?

Why should any employee be made to stay in the office and work till 10 or 11?

Why should any employers exploit their employee like this?

Why should any employee be given last minute job and expect them to churn out something good for them?

Seriously, if you are understaffed, get MORE staffs.
And you know last minute jobs are often not pretty.
We can do it once, twice or maybe thrice. But anything more than that is ridiculous. It just shows how weak the company management is.
Fair and square if I’m given the extra cash to do it. But will these amount of cash compensate my health? I would like to think that these extra cash are for me just in case I fell sick and need to visit a doctor.

“Hey, thanks for working so hard! Here’s some money. Go visit a doctor if you need to.

Besides, If I were to work till so late in the office, who can ensure my safety home?
Singapore is a place with Low crimes not NO crimes!
And, nowadays there are so many perverts on the street. What if I met into one who decides to follow me home? Or, what if I met into some robbers or theives on the way?
Yes, you sponsor me cab fare home. But can you really be sure that the taxi drivers are totally safe people to be with, late at night? Sometimes I’m pretty annoyed by some chatty taxi drivers. Furthermore, it is not easy to get a cab at night!

Wait, some are not being forced; some are very willing to be made use of.
Or for some, they just decided that staying up to do the work is being hardworking.
Like “I’ve got to stay on to complete my work because I am HARDWORKING! BOSS LOOK AT ME! I’M HARDWORKING!”

But does staying up late in the office to complete a work a sign of being HARDWORKING or just pure INEFFICIENCY and LACK OF TIME MANAGEMENT?
Are you surfing the net when you need to work and then decide that you will work during the last hour but realised you couldn’t complete your work?!

I guess people have to learn to draw a line.

Sure. Some are really really really responsible workers who really really feel the need to complete their work. They are not slacking when they need to work but the work load is just too much.
Then again, back to point 1. Why are there so many work load but so little staffs? Whatever happened to their management?

We are humans. We are human beings who need to rest. We are not robots with no life, no family or relationships commitment.

To me, work can never be finished. There will always be 101 things to complete each day. But if we have to spend everyday working and slogging our ass out, then we might as well not work because 拿了钱,没命花!

Set a timeline for yourself. Give a targeted time frame for each tasks. If you can’t finish it, move on. Tell yourself finish everything on a targeted time. If you can’t finish it by the time you need to knock off, leave the office. I don’t advocate bringing work home but if there’s really no choice, do it at home. I mean doing it at home is always better than staying in offices.

You can take a nice warm bath before going back to work.

You can watch the TV for some entertainment.

You can plop into bed if you are feeling tired.

Best of all, your closed ones would not be worried about you.

To get the full value of joy, you must get someone to divide it with.
Same goes to work loads. Share your workloads.

I know. Easier said than done.
But I believe this can be done!
Which is why I’m penning this down; to serve as a reminder for myself to NOT BE A SLAVE OF MY JOB, however passionate I am about my job.
My job is not my everything, but my life is.

Put self before anything else.


3 thoughts on “Put self before anything else

  1. Haha!! Love this post & I agree with u that health & family is more important!!

    But we have no choice when it comes to work unless we fire our boss? In the construction site, tests must be done before the handover of the building so this may cause OT… I don’t think it’s intended… cos some test may take up to abt 45 mins juz to test a door connecting to the stairs area… Hee!! 🙂

    As you’ve mentioned, there are some pple who slack and surf social sites during work hours and hence, the stress at the end of the day and then OT…. Really dunno what to do abt these pple…

  2. There are also another type of people other than sales line who works as late. Just like what Victoria has said, construction sites and architecture work have crazy working hours.

    I hate it when people don’t understand our job scope then starts writing a long chunk of text saying that the boss loves to treat people as slaves. It’s our responsibility. Would you like to live in a house not properly built because these people didn’t complete their work because they think they are being treated like slaves?

    If I’m not complaining, why should you?

    1. I am not complaining. Guess you don’t have much work experience. Work load have to be balanced up with equal benefits. Like I say, why is the boss taking up so many projects when he knows he is understaffed? Clearly, something wrong with his management. And my long chunk of text is not intended for you only. It is intended for me as well. I don’t want and won’t want to be like you. We are different. Yes you are a very responsible worker. Then be prepared to sacrifice your social time. Maybe by then, a lot of things won’t matter to you anymore except work cos work took up 90% of your time.

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