Simple date

Prawn was on night shift and he came straight down from work early in the morning to catch some sleep at my place before we head out in the afternoon. I opened the door and found him wearing the same colour as me! LOL. That was too much of a coincidence so I decided to take some pictures.

I decided to be sweet and cooked him Salmon for lunch! Went down to buy the ingredients while he was still asleep. Anw, I love Salmon so it was a treat for me too! Supposedly there were fries as sides but the 2 hungry ghosts ate them up before I even start cooking my Salmon. HAHA!

Anw, Salmon is really a very easy dish to whip at home and it is very nutritious too!
Try it yourself! I guess I will try to whip up more dish when I’m at home. But you know, sometimes when you are alone at home, you just don’t feel like cooking.

Then, Prawn and I headed out for a movie – The Lost Blade Man. Seriously, very disappointed with the show.

Decide to put on some makeup! Here’s my look of the day!
Love my pink lip colour from O2 skin!
(So sorry girls who asked about O2 skin but looks like amk’s outlet has closed.
I’m not sure about other outlets. 😥 )

Love my eyes ~
Same kind of makeup I did on my last LOTD, just different eyeshadows and different mascara. This mascara doesn’t really work for me, not curl enough!
I called it the Romantic Look. HAHA. Will teach you girls when I have the time.

Anw, had some great and cheap foodies today!

Ah Chew Desserts.

Prawn Mee at Old Airport Road.
Had some cravings for Prawn Mee and Prawn brought me to this really famous stall so decided to try it out.
Not too bad.
Would rate it a 3.5/5

Refreshing Sugar Cane Drink!

Just a simple date which made us happy!


2 thoughts on “Simple date

  1. Barbie girl, meet up soon:)
    Haha, and you always cook salmon one:P Try other dishes soon, and post them on your blog to make me salivate!

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