Look what’s new in my shoes cabinet!


Look at what’s new in my shoes cabinet!

Platform wedges from Xquisis!

Nowadays with so many events to attend, I find myself wearing heels more than flats.
But I find my legs so tired from wearing a whooping 3 to 4 inch heels.
With platform heels, I can easily gain up to 11cm without feeling the soreness.

whooping 11cm leh! Vivi can also be 164cm. lolol.

One of my favourite pair of Xquisis.

I think I’ve seen this on magazines before.
This design is very vintage looking!
On the nude colour side so it elongates my leg even more!

This is common but nobody can go wrong with a pair of little black heels.

I just wana dance ballet with this pair.
I just wana dance e e e e e …

But this pair is a little too small for my feet! My toes feel squashed. 😥

So girls, remember to measure accurately before buying heels online ya?

Xquisis have shoes catered to different feet.
They have shoe sizes from 34 to 43
And they have designs from heels, platform to boots and flats.

Pretty shoes at a very affordable prices!!


They sell bags too!!

I am aiming at the polaroid camera bag.

With Xquisis, don’t be afraid to shine in style!
They are having GSS sale now! Hop over to their site now!!



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