The Spa Buffet !

Hey girls, my sis and I were dolled up especially to attend an event!
Since my sis is undergoing some acne treatment, she’s rarely made up.
So guess where are we heading to?

Tadda !

We were invited for a Spa Buffet at The Spa-Lon Beauty and Skin Treatment Centre.

Based on the belief that one could lose all their material possessions but never their self-confidence, The SPA-lon aims to build confidence in their customers to flaunt their new-found beauty.

I brought Ling along as well for a relaxing afternoon! 😀

Hmm, this sign board tells you everything about their services.
They have this ATP38 new machine that does wonders!
I will show you in a bit what this device is!

Yes, the foodies served to us by their waiters who go round and round asking if we need some bites. Well, why not right? :>

Right, this is the ATP38 machine which in fact is a TRANSFORMER.

In this single device, there are 11 type of treatments in which you can do.

Are you already eyeing some of the treatments in which you would love to do?

Mr Handsome (forgot his name. lol) expaining what the device can do for us.
See? Like a transformer!!

This device uses biological properties of colour that is projected by a light-emitting diode.
The difference between this treatment and other laser treatment is that  it does not destroy your skin cells but heal them instead.

They have very caring and gentle beauticians to help you with it. So not to worry, you are in safe hands!! Okay, that’s a very brave blogger doing a demo for us.
But I will not provide any close-up pics of her.

Another blogger facing eczema problem so the beautician is trying to help her with it.
It does not cure eczema though but it can help improve the situation.

And actually, you know what?
You can buy portable devices to do it at home!!

Check out their Talika Light Devices

Green LED light is for whitening which makes your skin fairer and more even.
Ahem, why this picture so ghastly. haha!

The yellow light is a collagen booster for visibly younger looking skin.

Blue light is for oil-control!

Sorry, but there’s also a red light which I did not capture on my camera.
The red light is for anti-inflammation so its good for acne prone skin.

Playing with the light. I look ghastly.
Just hold the device 3 to 5cm away from your affected areas and wait for about 1 min or so for it to do the magic. And voila, you’ve got what you wanted!

The 3 of us with our little goodies before heading back. :>

Where is The Spa-Lon?

Tiong Bahru Plaza
302 Tiong Bahru Road, #05-08, Singapore 168732
Tel: 6276 6313Choa Chu Kang
304 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #01-661, Singapore 680304
Tel: 6891 0030 / 6891 0060

East Point Mall
3 Simei St 6, #05-10, Singapore 528833
Tel: 6783 3773 / 6783 2594 Fax: 6783 7193

30 Victoria Street, #02-02/04/05
Caldwell House, Singapore 187996
Tel: 6837 0131 Fax: 6837 0411

180 Kitchener Road, #03-01
City Square Mall, Singapore 208539



**This is a bloggers’ event jointly brought to you by The Spa-Lon and Cozycot. **


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