Your skin needs some care

So you have your hair care and your facial regime, what about your body?
Our body’s skin is the largest organ. Hence, like other organs, we should also take great care of it.

How do you take good care of your skin?
Let me tell you about what I do…

1) Never take long hot showers.
Having stayed with different friends overseas or staycation, I find that my showering speed is a lot faster than most of my female friends. I always keep my showering to the minimum because bathing under water for too long can be drying for the skin as it strips off the natural moisture. Next, never bath under hot water. Lukewarm water is fine but not hot water because it is dehydrating for the skin.

2) Use a bathing sponge
I find that using a bathing sponge can allow my soap to foam up easily, hence I do not need to rub too vigorously or that long. In a way, I can save a lot of soap too cos a little bit of the soap foams so much.

3) Body scrub once or twice a week.
Like our face, there’s bound to be a lot of dead skin cells hence scrubbing our body once or twice a week is definitely essential.

4) Moisturize at least every other day
Depending on your skin type; dry skin may find that they have to moisturize everyday in order to keep their skin hydrated. Moisturizing your body definitely helps the skin to retain its elasticity and prevent dryness, especially when a lot of people sleep in an air-conditioned room. Oh and I just found out that moisturizing often can help preventing stretch marks!

5) Use SPF during the day
A lot of people actually skipped this step. Me too, am guilty of it. But I’m trying to make up for it now. lol. Just like our face, our body is exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays too. So why should we skip applying SPF on our body? Hmmm..unless you think freckles and pigmentation are sexy.

Some of the products which I use ….

Previously I was also using another body lotion with SPF but heard that Vaseline’s is good so I’m giving it a try. I don’t expect it to lighten my skin actually but I like it that it is a moisturizer with SPF so means no double work for me. One downside is I don’t like that it has a fragrance as I wouldn’t want my perfume and the smell of the lotion to clash.

I’ve been using this very long for my pair of hands.
I’m not sure if age is catching up or what but my hands are getting dryer than before. It is a MUST to apply hand cream for me every night before I sleep. It smells good and I like it that it serves to protect my nails too! One downside is that this is a little oily …

This is rather new in my regime. I think I have a lot of dead skin cells on my feet because I find them a little rough….hopefully with scrub and this, my feet would be able to see the world!

I’m also using Physiogel Lotion at night. But I don’t apply them every night; once every other night I guess.

You may not notice it,but your skin is always there and it is the largest organ of your entire body. Don’t neglect it!


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