Fair and supple!

Was invited to Freshel Kanebo (A Japan company under Kao Group) at Drinks Culture.

Jermaine and me! Theme was white so both of us were in white.
That place was quite ulu so Jermaine and I actually took 30 mins instead of the 8 min walk as stated in Street Directory. =.=

Drinks Culture is a cocktail bar that serves as a nice chill out place at night. Their deco is primarily in white with a warm dim lighting.

They serve nice cocktail drinks though I think the ice were a little too much.

Every table there was filled with Freshel Kanebo’s skincare and cosmetics.
There were products from the range Freshel Moist Lift and Freshel White C which includes their top seller BB creams too!

Freshel Moist Lift – Quickly and Reliably delivers adhesive collagen to dry fatigued skin.
Freshel White C – Helps solve problematic areas such a s dark spots due to sun exposure.

They put up a presentation using interesting drama skits.
It was quite entertaining!

This is Freshel White C W Cream UV .

– SPF 32 PA++
– Penetrating Vitamin C (Active Whitening ingredient)
– Adhesive collagen (moisturizing ingredient)
– Aplha hydroxy acid mixture
– Citrus peel extract
– Orange peel extract

This is Freshel Moist Lift W Cream

– SPF23 PA++
-Adhesive collagen (luxurious moisturizing ingredient)
– Hyaluaronic Acid (Luxurious Moisturizing ingredient)
– Silk Essence (luxurious moisturizing ingredient)

Here’s a swatch of the BB cream.

I tried this BB cream the next day.
I personally find that this cream is a little tough to blend; I can’t do my usual patting way of applying BB cream and it has a yellowish undertone which is not suitable for my pink undertone. It has medium coverage and can conceal redness quite effectively. It is not thick and looks natural.

Next, they showed us their cleansing oil which I’m pretty interested to try it out.

Some asked what is the difference between cleansing oil and normal oil?
Can’t we use normal oil to clean as well?

So they did an experiment.
They poured water into both normal oil and their cleansing oil.

The beaker on the left shows the end result of water being put into normal oil.
The oil floats on the water and does not mix whereas the beaker on the right shows that the cleansing oil and the water do mix together.
This proves that their oil cleanser is water loving and will not clog your pores like that of a normal oil.

Ingredient list of the cleansing oil for your reference. 🙂

This is another cleanser; Moisture Soap.

Again, they did another experiment for us.

They compared it to XYZ Wash.

They added Sodium Chloride into both beaker and stir.

Their moisture soap turns clear!

While XYZ wash turns into some gluey hardened texture! YUCKS!

So? The moisture soap won’t clog ur pores again! 🙂

Next, if you are interested in their whitening product, you’d be glad to know that their products have an ingredient called L Ascorbic that can remove dark spots effectively!

First Beaker consists of Amino Acid + Water (to mimick dark spots colour).
They added L Ascorbic and the solution turns clear! (shown on second beaker)

We did a test patch on paper and added a drop of the L Ascorbic onto our Amino Dark Patch. The drop actually turns Amino into White!

So amazing!

Anw it was foood time!!
So all bloggers indulge in our food and drinks for the rest of the night!

My favourite smoked duck!!

Me and my favourite!! =D

Met pretty Celeste!

Ending off with very fair and pretty Jermaine and me! ❤

Drinks Culture: 50/51 Kreta Ayer Road (near to Outram and Chinatown MRT)

For more information on Kanebo, please visit www.kanebo.sg/freshel

Enjoy 30% savings! The below 2 products are selling at $39.90 instead of the UP$57.00.

– Moist Lift W Cream ($33) + White C Cleansing Oil ($24)

– White C W Cream UV ($33) + White C Cleansing Oil ($24)

Promotion runs from 9th June to 27 July at the following stores only.













**This is a Blogger’s Event organized by Freshel Kanebo**


3 thoughts on “Fair and supple!

  1. so tempting to try to BB cream! i super love their cleansing cream for removing makeup. farrrrr better than my loreal one ;p

    1. yah! i am waiting to try their cleansing oil after i used up my current one! looks and sound promising!

  2. Hello Vivian,

    I love your blog about Kanebo Freshel’s product promotion. I had discovered Kanebo Freshel White C BB Cream while I was in Japan last year, and have been using it till now. I love it so much because I have very sensitive skin to begin with and this BB cream has not given me any problem. What I want to know is whether this BB cream or any Freshel products have been using animals substances or chemical from animal organs, because I am against animal cruelty and agree with any animal testing. I had try to find customer service email address from many of its websites, to no avail. I am not comfortable asking this on its FB wall though. Could you help me find the way which I could get the information about it?

    Thank you

    Phida K

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