Beautiful inside out with ADONIS

Very honored and elated to be one of the top 10 finalists for the OMY Adonis Best Beauty Blog Awards 2011.  I’ve been participating for years (with old blog) back then when there’s no beauty blog category but didn’t have the luck to get through. To be honest, I almost wanted to give up participating and I’m so glad I didn’t!

This year, I’m very very grateful that my blogging has been regonized! All thanks to my lovely readers that I’m able to come to this stage. 🙂 I’m fighting the battle with the rest of the beauty bloggers whom I sort of know through events so I’m glad we are all in this together! No matter what, we are all winners already!

Will be receiving customized treatments from Adonis. Therefore, I’ll definitely be blogging my best for this whole of JUNE as I update you bits and pieces of my beauty journey with ADONIS! ❤

P/S: If you don’t already know about Adonis, you are outdated! Follow me and find out more! 😀

Was at Adonis yesterday for my first briefing, interview with OMY and also a skin and body consultation.

I was the only one who spoke Chinese during the interview because I’m just more comfortable with speaking Chinese. :p Everything was smooth though I don’t think I ans some of their qns to the point. LOL.

Was served tea and refreshement during the wait.

The drinks were really nice and all of them had different functions.
I had the middle one which is said to help in detoxing.

Adonis believes in beauty not only on the outside but also beauty from within.
Eat right and be beautiful inside out.
Therefore, drinks like the above can help us achieve beauty from within.

Here comes the exciting part!
The consultation!!

My first stop was at this station where the beautician examine my iris.
The eyes are the soul of our body. It tells us everything and what’s happening to our body.
So the beautician had an equipment which she is holding on, and she used this to scan my eyes where it was zoomed into the computer screen.

Here are some of the problems she said about me.
– Very stress and tired
– Poor sleep
– Poor digestive system and gastric
– May experience body ache esp on the legs
– Menstrual cramps
– A lot of toxic in my body

That’s a whole list of problems. O.O

So she said I have to detox my body and take in collagen because after 20, women depletes a lot a lot of collagen due to our monthly cycle. Even though I do not have gastric, I must prevent myself from eating too much 刺激性 food.

The next stop is a blood test!
They pricked us with a tool and examine one drop of our blood.

Can see the blood?
It’s not painful just like a needle poking through only. 🙂

Here are some problems I face from the result of my blood test.
– Too much proteins in my diet. (meaning too much meat, eggs, soya beans etc in my diet)
– Deficiency in Calcium and Iron
The above 2 can increase the risk of osteoporosis and many health problems in the future.
– A little cholesterol

So, I have to cut down on my protein and up my Calcium intake. I also have to eat more green leaf vegetables and fruits that are not too acidic.

Next, it was skin analysis!

She said my skin type is actually normal but oily on the T zone. So it’s like Normal-Combi
This is the first time I heard somebody said my skintype belongs to the NORMAL side!

She said my skin texture is good and the firmness and elasticity is good.
BUT I have a very clogged nose and little fine lines.

So she said for my skin, I should use a Gel Type of Moisturizer (which I’m using) in the day and a lotion/cream type of moisturizer in the night for more hydration (which I’m not).
She also recommend that I should pair my facial treatments with some laser in between to rectify my pores problem. She say if I continue to take good care of my skin, by the age of 30, my skin might look even more beautiful than now!

YAY! Looking forward to being beautiful inside out with ADONIS!

Check out their facebook page here and their website HERE!!

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** This is a blogging contest organized by OMY and Adonis **


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