No no it’s not Friday yet but since I’m at T.G.I.F, everyday should feel like a FRIDAY. 😀

Was supposed to be heading for a media movie screening that day and I’ve already booked HM to go with me but last min I was told that I got into OMY Adonis Best Beauty Blog and had to go for the briefing, so had to forgo the movie screening and went for a dinner with her instead!
(PS: I try to bring different friends for media events whenever I can have the chance to.)

T.G.I.F is located at Heeren and it is quite sad to know that so many shops have closed down. It used to be such a hot favourite hang out place by the youngsters!

We were there at around 3.50pm so there’s still set lunch for us!!
YAY! Set lunch = everything cheaper!

The set lunch comes with a drink, soup of the day/salad and a main course.
Price from $13.90 onwards!

We ordered the soup of the day; creamy chicken soup

Main dish was this chicken plus sweet potatoes fries.
The greenish thing on top tasted a little sweet and salty and it goes well with the dish.

Okay, proteins again. I need to cut down on proteins. BUT this was goooooood!!
I love the sweet potato fries!! It is an unique alternative and I like it!

Happy is when you have good food.

*Sigh. Telling me to cut down on proteins is soo tough!
I like all kinds of meat; chicken, pork, beef, fish, lamb …basically any meat lah!
And I love love love beans. Green, black, red, yellow all I like!
How to cut down??

Anw, the both of us decided to get a pretty bag since it’s GSS!
And coincidentally we are both getting Carlo Rino!

Very young and chic looking!

Mine was hot red with gold zips, looking classy!
Good design good quality at a good cost.


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