#First World Problems

Hello girlies, update you again on my
ADONIS journey!!

Today I shall be introducing you some of the products from Adonis!!
Yes, Adonis not only provide facials but they also have a range of products from supplements to skin care to suit everyone’s need!

#First world problem which people face nowadays is

Due to environmental issues such as pollution and the chemicals or pesticides on food which we ate, our body actually accumulated a lot of toxics! And if these toxics are not remove, there will be a lot of health implication and skin problems.

Therefore, my Adonis consultant gave me a bottle of detox supplement to aid in my detoxification process. Yes, we all want to achieve beauty from within.

2 capsules before I sleep.

How to differentiate your normal waste from the detoxed waste?
Your normal waste would be yellow and not as smelly but the detoxed waste will be darker and more smelly.

I just started last night and the next morning, the detoxification process begins!
Will observe till I finish the bottle!

Another #First world problem which people are concern about is

Due to frequent makeup and poor removing makeup habits, we often find ourselves having clogged pores. Sometimes, the products which we use may clogged our skin as well.
Hence, girls do remember to look out for the word “non-comodogenic” when purchasing any skin care products.

My consultant told me that I do not have clogged pores on my cheeks, but I do have a very CLOGGED NOSE!
Yes, the above is my strawberry nose taken with flash light as my camera can’t capture so much details without flash. Anw, this picture was taken after I had my first Adonis treatment (which I’ll share soon), the clogged pores are not so bad already. Can you imagine my nose before the treatment? YUCKS!

To help me with my strawberry nose, I purchased Adonis Comedone Plus.
This is one of their best seller.

She told me to apply just one drop on my nose and chin every night.
I believed this serum will help to soften the skin on my nose area and makes removing of black and white head easier. She said with continuous usage, you can remove the black and white heads with a light squeeze.

I will update you girls if this works for me!

I will also be updating my regime a little.
Like how my consultant suggest, I’ll be using a lotion based moisturizer at night.
I’m changing my sunscreen to something more moisturizing too.
And as for my diet, I’ll try to drink at least 2 cup of (flavoured) milk each day.
Still hate milk and cheese a lot! 😦
Will try to cut down on proteins though I think it isn’t quite possible. lol.

Next entry on ADONIS will be my first facial treatment!!!
It’s really really good! Will rave more about it next time.

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**This is a blogging contest organized by OMY and Adonis**

10 thoughts on “#First World Problems

  1. Detox is one of those beauty tips that seems to get pushed to the side but it is soooo necessary! Not only for beauty reasons, but also for health reasons.

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