If straight hair is your concern

If achieving naturally beautiful straight hair is your goal,
you should continue to read this post….

Sunsilk presents Silky Smooth & Manageable Series for effortlessly straight tresses.

Just what I need.
My hair is in a total mess.

My sis and I at Ben & Jerry for this sunsilk event.

We were the first to reach! So had some smoothie while waiting.

The brand manager (the man in the pic) of Sunsilk talks about their products and gave us tips on how to take care of our tresses.

Yes, they are a team of fun people. Just look at the way they dress; very casual and friendly! Oh the brand manager is spotted to have blue hair!

He said he is always changing his hair colour and the only reason why he can keep doing so is because he used Sunsilk. (yes I know, like obviously promoting own brand. lol!)
But then again, from what I see, his hair isn’t damaged from the frequent hair dyes!
Yes maybe a little dry which is normal, but overall still doing good!

This pink series contains Nano Silicon particles 100 nanometres in size to coat every inch. The range also features the smart polymer complex, which efficiently deposits the Nano Silicone particles evenly across the hair fibre.

Other ingredients include Keratin Yoghurt Nutri Complex which coats hair strands to shield and protect hair from humidity and the environment.

This is the Sunsilk Silky Smooth & Manageable shampoo and conditioner.

Here’s a fun twist to washing your hair.
1. Apply the shampoo only on your scalp because the scalp is the area which is oily and dirty. Avoid your hair ends because shampoo can cause hair ends to be dry.
2. While having your shampoo on your scalp, apply conditioner on your hair ends.
3. Rinse off your shampoo and conditioner.
4. Apply conditioner on your hair ends again and wait for a few mins before washing off.

Like our face, the hair needs extra moisture too!
Pamper your hair with hair mask twice weekly.

Tip: Apply the mask and cover with a plastic cap. Then, cover the cap with a hot, damp towel and leave for ten minutes. Rinse with cold water with a few added lemon slices to lock in the moisture.

Next, towel dry your hair.
Another tip: Dry your hair gently by patting it against the towel, not by rubbing. Try not to wet your hair in-between washes. This will help your hair to keep its shape and prevent damage.

If you want beautiful hair, do not skip this step.
This is a leave-on treatment.
Apply this on damp hair ends for best result.

Results for using the pink series?
They will deliver healthy hair and brilliant end-results, aligning rebellious hair strands without weighing them down.

All bloggers had Ben & Jerry ice-cream treats!!

We had the chance to go behind the counter and D.I.Y ourselves.
That’s Gin and Verlyn busy making their ice-creams.

Sis’s creation.

My Waffle Belgiam ice-cream which includes Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Mint.

This is my first Ben & Jerry ice-creams!
But I actually don’t really think it is that fantastic.

The brownies which they said was good!
But I was too full from the ice-cream to finish them up!

Kay, my hair is really dry from the highlights and rebonding!
I hate my highlights!
Will go darker next to camouflage my dryness.
Oh and of course hope that Sunsilk will help me!!

Random note.
She is Yuko Yamashita who is a straight hair expert and she is also one of the co-creators of Sunsilk! Look her naturally beautiful straight hair!

Sunsilk will be looking out for the girl with the most beautiful hair!!
So do join their fanpage here for more contests and tips!

** This is a bloggers Event held at Ben & Jerry, by Sunsilk and The Sample Store **

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