Sparkling Peel Treatment

     At the age of 18, I started taking good care of my skin diligently, making sure that I don’t skip any of the steps before going to bed. At the age of 20, I signed up for a facial package with the hope to improve my skin condition. At that point of time, my skin was oily with occasional outbreaks and milla seeds.

For 2 years, I’ve been going for facials on and off, usually once a month and on busy period, once every few months. I would say Facials does help me a lot in improving my skin condition and texture. No doubt, the extraction part is always killing, painful and not so enjoyable. But then again, no pain no gain. Now my skin belongs to Normal/Combination all thanks to the effort I’ve made all these while.

Not every girls are born with perfect skin. Not me. But we can always work something out to improve it. I really hope all girls will give facials a try.

And I’m really glad that I went over to ADONIS at Lucky Plaza the other day to try out their Sparkling Peel Treatment!

This treatment is a series of facials sessions that can allow your skin to become firmer, smoother and more radiant with lesser clogged pores!
Also, the peel helps to eliminate blemishes and other skin imperfections, revealing newer and smoother skin.

When I got there the first thing, they gave me a cup of Ginseng Tea which is said to be able to release the heatiness in our body. On the net, it says that Ginseng is used to reduce stress, increase performance and energy levels, improve memory and boost the immune system.

While I had my tea, my consultant analyzed my skin condition again.
She also enquired about the products which I’m currently using and my current skincare regime. It was really detailed.

And she was rather impressed that at the age of 22, I’m already taking good care of skin.

She told me that my skin is good now, with slight pores and clogged nose. There is also a little pigmentation problem due to acne scars on my right cheek and freckles beside my left eye. These are problems which I’ve already realized long ago.

After the consultation, I was ushered into their room and changed into their gown.

I was told to soak my feet into this bucket of essential oil  to relieve stress and fatigue caused by walking. This step was really interesting to me as I’ve never heard of facials which include this step. The beautician told me this can allow the beauty products to work better later on as I’ll be more relaxed.

So the usual steps begin:
1. Cleanse
2. Exfoliate

This was the product used to scrub away my dead skin cells.
There are no beads hence it is very gentle and can even be used on the eyes.
With a few rubs, all the tiny flakes will appear.

3. Cold Steam
After cleaning up, she left my face under a cold steam.

4. Next, she started massaging.
I always love this part about facials cos it is so soothing.

She also used this comedone plus on my nose area to soften the skin and unclog my pores.

After massaging, she started doing this treatment on me.
There are no extractions needed. It was like a peel-off mask where she left it on for a few mins and my skin started feeling tight, she then peeled them off for cleaner complexion.
All my white heads and black heads were removed!

Next, she did this all over my face!
It is called the symphony beat.

There are 3 types which you can choose from.

Lifting: Aging Skin * to firm sagging skin
Active – for dull complexions and mature skin
Relax – Young Skin *Combination, oily and acne skin

What I had was the RELAX mode that gives a slight tugging/massaging effect on the skin to simulate every muscles in order to produce desired skin effect.
It is left on my skin to do the job for about 10 to 15 mins.
Apparently there is a rhythm to the process. Sometimes the stimulation goes slow and sometimes the intensity increased.

Actually it looks rather scary in the picture. =x
But this thing is really amazing and not at all scary or painful!
I would like to think that this is the machine that makes the treatment unique!

After that 10 or 15 mins which I almost fell asleep, the beautician came and put mask all over my face and eye mask on my eye area.

I also had hands, neck and shoulder massage! It was really very comfortable and relaxing!!
First time I felt myself sleeping ….
Oh yes, she helped to trim my eyebrows too! And quickly got me a mirror for me to see if the shape is okay. How thoughtful!

After which, she ended off with their moisturizer and sunscreen.

This was the moisturizer she used on my skin.
It was not greasy and not sticky at all!

So anw, here’s the result of my Sparkling Peel!

My skin is smoother, pores are reduced and looking more radiant and hydrated!!!

Omg, the result is like instantaneous!!
I was with zero makeup but yet strutting down Orchard Road with 100% confidence!

Yes, you can with ADONIS! ❤

This sparkling peel is also suited for advanced skin problems. As you advcance, peeling may start to occur and it goes deeper into the skin, to clear away more severe cases of acne and pigmentation.
According to my beautician that since this was my first treatment, no peeling will be encountered.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with this treatment and I find it rather unique and different from the usual facials.
Visit Adonis webpage here and FB fan page here

*Ahem, btw, I always have this stupid qn in mind and that is “can I wear contact lens to facials just in case my skin gets red from extractions and I want to wear shades home?” In Adonis, you can!! They have contact lens container and solution should you need them. How thoughtful seriously??!

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    1. The difference is not huge cos I don have very bad skin to begin with. But if u take a closer look at the pictures my skin is indeed more radiant and hydrated. 🙂

  1. Wonderful site you have here but I was curious about if
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