A sister who is closer than a best friend

Do you believe that if you see a person everyday, you’ll soon have nothing to talk about?
I think it happens between the both of us.
We practically see each other everyday since Polytechnic and we even stayed with each other for 5 months before. You can say we are really really close like sisters. But the thing between sisters is that you’ll soon have nothing much to talk about at the end of the day.

So this holiday is technically a good chance for both of us to stay apart from each other for awhile so that we can miss each other’s presence more. :p
But we still meet up with each other for lunch or shopping during the holiday lah. 🙂

And surprise !! We have more to talk about when we don’t see each other for at least a week. At least we won’t face situations like “Today’s weather is so hot and humid!!” Then followed by awkward silence —–. Yes sometimes this happens but not today! I even felt that time wasn’t enough for us to catch up more. HAHA!

I can only have 1 best friend and a few good friends but at the same time I can also have another sister who is even closer to me than a best friend. 🙂
And yes, she’s always there when I’m in deep shit.

(PS: I don’t compare boyfriend to friends cos afterall
they are of a different status and the expectations between both are different. )

Read this from Cleo.

How to prevent friends from disappearing in your life
1. Try to organise your social diary at least a week ahead of time. Once you have said yes to a date, stick to it no matter what other offers come along.

2. If you must cancel, do it over the phone so that at least you have made personal contact. It’ll also make you think twice before rescheduling next time.

3. Don’t agree to an appointment just to avoid “disappointing” someone. It’s worse to cancel at the last minute with a hasty text.


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