Prawn’s first SGT pay

We were at Ma Maison restaurant located at Bugis Junction!
It was a treat from Prawn cos he has been promoted to Sergent and this was his first Sergent’s pay. 😀

*Prawn paid for every meal and every movie ticket. So usually I don’t hiam here hiam there one. Anything also can eat as long as it’s good and tasty!
So most of the time we eat inexpensive food.

The ambience was great! We felt like we wasn’t in Singapore.
But my iphone just don’t do the place justice!

Btw, this is a Japanese Western style restaurant.

Second day of period. Face looking FAT. :/
I kept retaking the pictures and grumble over every single one until this perfect one comes along and it wasn’t taken with my iphone but with his phone instead. hahaha.

#iphone coolness

My sirloin steak in black pepper sauce.
Felt guilty cos this was a freakin $22 I think. :p

Next time people take picture of me eating food must take from lower angle like this.
Cos my face will be slimmer, and body not too small.

Oh anw, the steak was fine but the sauce isn’t.
I find it a little salty and the black pepper is not enough!!

Prawn’s squid ink spag.
Hmmm..don’t look quite tasty eh? But this was great!

Sorry, my bf’s face has to look big beside me. hahaha!
And btw, why is my hair green here?!

Thank you Sergent Lee!


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