Double date!

Had a double date with Joanne and her BF Lewis ~
Went K singing together!
Hmmm….maybe for the guys it was quite awkward?
It is just like how I’d behave if I were in the same situation luh.

*Anw, I didn’t bring my cammie so pictures were Joanne’s.

Me and Prawn!
I like this picture though can’t really see his face. I like it that he is hugging me!

Haven’t catch up with Joanne since my birthday~!

I think the sunsilk pink range is awesome! My hair seems to get better!
Been using the mask everyday as my conditioner very generously!

Trying to be funny while Lewis sang …

My pose is awesome!
Ultra Women!

The 4 of us! šŸ˜€

Lewis, why you no funny pose?

It was dinner time and I suggested Ambush to them.
It is located at Jurong Point and it sells mainly German Cuisine.

I’ve only been there for lunch. This was my first dinner visit!

So I had something different this time round.
Hamburger Steak with Meat Loaf

Looking happy with the food served.
It turns out really good!
Oh and Lewis ordered Pork Knuckles. The serving was amazingly huge.
Obviously can’t finish it so he had the remaining takeaway.
But the Pork Knuckles are dammmm shiok and nice luh, like roasted pork!

Their restaurant doesn’t look grand or anything big. But their food and service is!

One more week to the start of work.


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