Check it out!

Hello babes (and hunks)!

Do you  like my new layout?? :>
Spent quite a great deal of time doing it. I have also updated my “About Vivi”, so you may like to check it out too!
I have not put up my twitter and formspring on it though. Give me some time, I’ll work on it.

I’ve privatized my twitter for the time being but you can still follow me. I’ll approved it.

Oh yes, I was surfing Groupon just now and I saw a GREAT GREAT DEAL!!!



Check it out at Groupon’s webpage here

This is really really worth the deal!!!
So be fast and act quick; the deal doesn’t last forever.

You may also want to check out my sis’s blog on the review of this floraltox treatment here!



PS: I am not paid to do this sharing.

PSS: Remember to vote for me to be the


Every vote counts. THANK YOU READERS!!


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