My last facial from Adonis!

I just had A.D Facial (Adonis Facial) one week before I started work!!

I love facials, especially one without extractions. No pain, no redness, just smooth and clear skin!
What’s not to love about?




So the usual began!
Always start the session with a nice warm tea and a clean hot towel provided by them.
I really like it. Sometimes I had no time to drink due to travelling, hence the cup of tea is really helpful in quenching my thirst.
Not only that, it does wonders to our health too!

Then I was brought to my room to change and did my foot bath while beautician cleanse and exfoliate my skin with Soft Peeling Gel.

Remember the Cold Steam which I told you all about?

This is where the cold steam come from …

Next, they continued to apply comedone plus on my skin to soften the pores , ready for the next step to be done!



This was the machine she used on me next …. it is used to remove all the dirty things clogged in my pores.


There is cotton attached to the equipment you see. And this thing “suck” out all the unwanted awful stuff on ur face,
even some of your baby hairs will be sucked out too!

My skin was red as you can see from the picture because I have sensitive and thin skin. But this is normal and it will go away very soon.



Look! the dirty things….
The beautician said mine was quite clean. The black things you see are my baby hairs. hahaha!
How not to have clean skin when I had so many pampering sessions from Adonis recently? 😀



This was the next step. There is a very cooling gel applied to my skin.



Next, I had a very pampering eye treatment! The equipment used was this hot and cold machine.

So she started massaging my eye area using the equipment.
And this was said to help reduce dark eye circles and puffiness.

Lastly, it ended up with a SUPER THICK LAYER OF Ginseng Mask!!!
It to hydrate the skin, leaving it supple and fairer!

I love the mask!

I can go around telling people, hey I just used GINSENG on my skin! wahahaha! 

Erm, btw my lips were also covered with the mask so my lips were really supple that day! HAHA!

Here’s how my skin looks like when I got home.
Supple and radiant!

This is the only facial where I can head out just right after the treatment!

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