Nail it!

I think painting your nails really takes a lot of time, patience and effort.
In the beginning, I always do a bad job; my colours would always go out of my nails, esp when I have to paint my right nails with left hand.
Now, I still do make some mistakes but I can see that I’ve improved a hell lot!

The only thing is I do not have the patience to wait for my nails to dry.
So sometimes I would ruin my nails by meddling with stuff without waiting for my nails to be completely dry.

Here are some nail designs I did which I think I have not posted on my blog before.

Polka dot nails is like the first type of design I did myself! They always look different with different colour combi.
And I don’t use a dotting pen. All I use was white nail polish with toothpick.


Slowly I advanced to doing french tip. Added polka dots since I’m good at it. LOL.



Sometimes I give dark polish a try but I think I look develish in dark colours since my nails are pretty long.

Then, I also tried nail stickers for the first time!
The only thing about nail stickers is that it is quite tough to remove them!

Today I’m attending a themed party by ADONIS! So I did GOLD NAILS for the first time!

My favourite nail polish has gotta be O.P.I’s cos it is really really lasting!
However since it is too expensive, I figured I would settle for something cheaper which is TheFaceShop!

I would love to try 3D nail art in the future; with 3D blings and ribbons. Oh yes, not to forget the crack nail polish which is trending now!
Think it is going to be so much fun! Perhaps I should do a video on how I paint my nails and added polka dots with toothpick?


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