Review of ADONIS products!

The whole competition has come to an end.
It was such a rewarding experience; from meeting all 10 finalists and doing health test at Vivo City Adonis Outlet to having 3 customized treatments for our face and body at Lucky Plaza Adonis Outlet and to yesterday’s themed Thank You party held at Nex Adonis Outlet (which I will blog about it on a later date)

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Honestly speaking, I wish this journey doesn’t end here. I really enjoyed my treatments at Adonis. The beauticians are always so smiling and friendly and they are so meticulous in every steps they do, including brow shaping! Most of all, I find myself to be so relax over there that each time I go, I fell asleep. Note, I’m not a person who can fell asleep easily!
SO you see how much this means to me!

Remembered that I took detox supplements and bought Comedone Plus from Adonis?

I will be reviewing these 2 products in today’s post!

First up, the Koso Aloe Pine Pollen!

From the first health test by Adonis, I was told that I had lots of toxin in my body which needs to be flush out!
Prior to taking this supplement, I have no constipation problem; I always do it once to thrice daily.
BUT I also noticed that even though I have regular bowels done, the process of letting out was difficult. They were hard and sometimes painful that I bleed from doing big business.

I know right!
It’s so effing disgusting!!

okay. So I began taking 2 capsules of the detox supplement a day.
Till date, I have not yet finished it but I’m already SEEING RESULTS!

You know how happy I am to be letting out WITH EASE!


Totally save my pocket from visiting the doctor. I almost did!

Now, the first thing I do after taking breakfast is to PANG SAI. HAHAHA.
And the next thing I do after lunch is to PANG SAI again! LOL.
Everyday I pang sai for 2 to 3 times? Sometimes I can even go up to 4 times! That’s totally insane!

Yes, so this supplement totally ease my bowel movement!

On the other hand, I also do noticed that I have an increase of body acne. I thought this could be because of detoxification as well!
Oh yes, I also notice that if you take in the supplement from 12am onwards (sometimes I sleep late. Guilty), it doesn’t work as well.
So do try to take in the supplement between 10pm to 11pm for optimum result.

This was another product which I bought from ADONIS.
I bought it with my OWN MONEY. This is not sponsored okay!
If you cannot recall what this product does, read this:

I used this ONCE every night on my NOSE area.
And you won’t believe what it does to me until you see the pictures!

Before: And I mentioned that it was already better than before I did the treatment at Adonis.
Still, you can clearly see those little black dots of my nose. These are BLACK HEADS which can be so stubborn at times.


I look at the pictures and go WOAHHHHH!

Seriously, this product does wonders! And all you need is a drop every night!

So thank you ADONIS for making me a pretty girl. 🙂

PS: That’s a sneak preview of my outfit at the themed party! 😀
Can’t wait to share!

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** This is a blogging competition organized by Adonis and**


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