Lose half an inch in 7 days!

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It is almost a year back since I participated in Bio-Essence Inch Loss Blogging Competition.
You can read more by clicking the Bio-Essence Tab on my side bar. Those blog posts were also accompanied by my slimming tips!



This was my slimming result after that whole competition!
I was really amazed at how much I could lose! Remember??



AND today I’m glad to be introducing a NEWER and IMPROVED version of the inch loss series!

This trial kit consist of Inchloss Shower Scrub and Body Cream.
It has 2 times more firming ingredients with INCREASED heat sensation to firm skin and burn fats faster than the previous one!

Use the shower scrub first then apply the body in circular motion.
Do not use it on your genitals and breast please!

How does this help?

Tones Body
Enriched with unique natural and breakthrough bio-heat active ingredients which reduces the appearance of excess fats under the skin.

Moisturizes & Smoothens Skin
Contains rice, pineapple and ginseng extract to nourish and soften skin

Firms Arms, Tummy Thighs & Legs
Experience the pleasant fragrance and heat sensation every time you massage both the shower scrub & body cream, it is the sign of the process to a slender you!

I find that this one really has stronger heat sensation the first time I use it.
And it might be quite irritating if you are like me who always love to rub your eyes before sleep.
I washed my hands very thoroughly but it doesn’t get the heat sensation away! So be careful not to burn your eyes or any other part of your face.

And guess what?
I woke up the next morning, still feeling the heat sensation!
I measured my arms and I lost 0.2cm!
So I suppose after 7 days, you can really lose up to half an inch!



Join the Bio Essence Fan Page here and stand to win Celebrity Choice’s products!

So sorry girls please bare with my commercial breaks this week. I just realized I have some deadlines crashed together.


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