Greek Goddess

So the 10 finalists of OMY BEST ADONIS BEAUTY BLOG went down to NEX Adonis for a THANK YOU party!
And the theme was GREEK GODDESS!




Because Adonis is named after GREEK GOD of YOUTH, BEAUTY and VANITY.

(pic from Google)
This is GREEK GOD.
They are either naked or they wear flowy dresses.
Erm, yah I think Greek God wear dresses too.

So anyway, I had to have some inspiration to work on.
Like since this is a themed party, it would be fun if everyone could adhere to the theme!

(Pic from Google)
So this is the look I’m aiming for!
Usually white and gold make a perfect GREEK look!

This was my outfit for the day!

Dress is from F.E.P. Had such a tough time finding a not so sheer white dress.
My headband was from F.E.P too! $5!
My bangles were my own so didn’t have to spend the money.

But the GOLD belt was special!

Cos I actually weaved gold strings together!
My sis had the same belt as me too. haha!
It was actually tough cos the strings get entangled so easily that we had to spend a lot of time to untangle them!

Did a different eye makeup!

Golden eyemakeup that matches my golden nails. 😀

My sparkly gold eyeshadow which was actually gold glitter eyeliner!

Okay now is photo spam!

So let’s get the partay started!!
My sis and I were practically in the same colour combi and we get stares everywhere.
Yes we took train like this!

Was given Enzyme Drink.
Very tasty and beneficial for our body!

Had great fun mingling with all the bloggers.
Clara from Dblchin, Juann from judging me , Sara from icyabstract, Kelly from Tardy Queen,  Beauterunway and many more!
Everyone looks so pretty! Super inferior now!



Stay Young, Be Young!


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