Where I get my dresses from

I went down to Shisedo’s Beauty Investigating Crime Scene straight from work the other day.
And I was wearing this cutesy blue dress with ribbons.

Yes I love wearing dresses like this to work because a one piece outfit requires less thinking when it comes to pairing.
And I strongly believe work apparels doesn’t have to be ugly.
So on that very day, my in-charge was asking me where I normally get my small size dresses.
Apparently she is also kinda small in size and loves dressing up too! (been noticing.)

YES! Thank god!
Finally someone who understands the pain of being very very petite!

Being petite is ok but being very very petite? Definitely not my cup of tea.
But too bad I just am. I am a size UK4 – 6 btw.
And it is simply really tough to get WORK apparels for my build.

Adults go to work not children.
UK4 is a primary school children’s build lor!
So you tell me, who in the right mind design working dresses for a UK4?

So when it comes to shopping for work dresses, it is difficult not to purchase them whenever they fits me!

Here, if you are as petite as me, who desperately need to find a good fitting work apparels,
try TANGY at F.E.P. Their apparels are smaller in sizes, suitable for work and play (like the above)
and about the cost of $29.90. This is not an advertorial, just sharing.

Don’t say I never share!

Btw, that’s Chatana beside me smiling very gleefully from everbluec!


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