How I’ve changed gradually

I thought it would be fun if I do a collage of myself since the day I started Vivianism.
I don’t have perfect nose, perfect teeth, perfect hair or perfect face shape but I still do cam-whore quite a bit. HAHA.
I guess we should all appreciate our imperfections. If there’s someone there who appreciates you, you’re lucky!
And of course I am! 😀

And wow… somehow I think I look different in every pictures!
And of course, the very first picture you see is the younger me (19,20)  back then with a tinge of eyeliner only and totally not into hydration skincare.
That time all I do everyday was oil control oil control and still oil control. But after proper hydration skincare regime and the love for dewy makeup look than matte finish, my complexion really does look a lot better!

I can’t seem to put my finger as to what have changed (except for hair luh), cos the face shape and features are almost the same!
Maybe its just different makeup look? Or maybe it’s because the 女人味 is starting to surface? Hmm…

Hello. It’s July and I’m half way in my 2011 journey …


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