Why Oxygen is good for you

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Do you know what oxygen is for?


for the babies to breathe

for the children to breathe

for the teenagers to breathe

for the adults to breathe.

But wait …. is that it?

Is oxygen just for breathing and keeping us alive?

Well, you’ve got the ans just HALF RIGHT.



Our SKIN CELL needs OXYGEN too because it is important for repairing, regeneration and reproduction.
Lack of oxygen will lead to pre-mature aging and dull complexion.




The Nature Lab’s Oxygen Shield Bubble Mask to the RESCUE!

Hailing from Korea,  this mask gives plenty of oxygen supply to your skin! With good oxygen circulation, our skin will be healthier and be able to absorb the nutrients and essence that we apply effectively. Also, it would ensure skin stays in tip top condition and freed from problems such as wrinkles, discolouration, dead skin, dryness
and dirt in one easy step while you cleanse.

Oxygen is also said to increase metabolic rate thus firming and slimming facial contours.

It comes in a pump form so it’s very clean! No need to dig ur fingers into a bottle of mask!

8 Benefits in 1 Action!

  • Cleanse
  • Detoxify
  • Exfoliate
  • Replenish Oxygen
  • Apply Mask
  • Hydrates
  • Tone the skin
  • Provide Vitamins

So useful and this is not the typical mask where you need to wait for ages.
Within one minute you’ll be done with the mask! Especially naise on lazy days.

This mask dispense out as a clear gel form …..

The result of doing the mask?
You’ll find your skin softer, smoother,  cleaner, brighter and with smaller pores!

My thoughts …
I did not see any brightening effect (probably because I’ve been doing masks so much that my skin is already looking radiant) , but my skin definitely feels SOFTER and CLEANER!
Not much effect can be seen on pores shrinking though. Slimming contours? My laugh lines seem to become lesser thus I believe it does help in firming!
And I believe that through frequent usage, I’ll be able to see what OXYGEN can do to my skin!

Let’s all prevent PRE-MATURE AGING!

Will I re-purchase?
I will! Since it takes such little time to complete the whole masking process!
I have my own lazy days too! :p

Grab your samples at TSS here!

TheNatureLab’s <Oxygen Shield> Bubble Mask is available exclusively at selected
Watsons islandwide, grab yours now at a special introductory offer of S$36.50 only!
Usual Retail Price – S$48.90 each
Promotional Price – S$36.50 (for a limited period, while stocks last.)


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