Bebe Poshe

BÉBÉ POSHÉ Event Launch was organized by BÉBÉ POSHÉ SG (Beaute Inn Pte Ltd)

You’ll be able to find BEBE POSHE in Watsons now.

I totally have no idea about this brand initially so I’m glad I was invited to this event!
Why? Because their products are soooo cute in packaging! Go on and read it!

Some food served by Lawry’s Prime Ribs located at Mandarin Gallery
The macarons is sooo nice! I like it!

MUA doing a makeup demo on Linda.
She is super brave to come without a single trace of makeup!

The end look; with makeup on one side!

Bloggers having a try on their products!
We have 20 mins to do our makeup!!

Everyone rushing to do the makeup!!
Pardon for the lack of pictures cos I came with totally no eye makeup so gotta rush!

First, I used this Perfect Concealor.
This Concealor has 2 shades in one palatte and can easily conceal my dark eye circles and blemishes.
It’s like a cream form and not cakey at all!

Next I used this eyeshadow palette.
I decided to try the purple one.
It is said that this eyeshadow won’t smudge, run or fade!

I then decided to line my eyes with their sparkling eyeliner.
I love this cos it’s so sparkly and can further enhance my eyeshadow colour!
Best of all? It doesn’t smudge on me!

Next, I tried the Cheeky Bebe Blusher in 02 Peche
it comes in 3 shades and it is super pigmented!
You’ll have to be really careful in order not to over do it.

Their lip gloss is super nice!!

And their lipstick which comes in 8 shades.

My sister and me with our completed makeup look.
Pardon our super blush cheeks cos we underestimate the powder of their blusher.

Me and Xinyi whom I met at Aqua Label’s competition.
It’s been ONE YEAR since I saw her …

Me and Celeste the pretty girl, who won the BEST EYE MAKEUP award!

That’s all!
Remember to check out Bebe Poshe at Watsons store!

Like BÉBÉ POSHÉ SG facebook to play the incredible memory game & win $80 worth of BÉBÉ POSHÉ of your choice:

**This is a blogger’s invitation organized by TSS and Bebe Poshe**


7 thoughts on “Bebe Poshe

  1. Hey Vivian, I love your dress you wore to this event. Where did u get it? And second of all, somehow Celeste kinda looks she’s your sister or cousin! Anyways, love your blogs! Keep it up and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do some fashion blogs! I miss them >3<

    1. Hey thanks babe! I bought this dress last year on my 21st. It’s actually a romper. Hehe. Ok yar I haven been doing any fashion posts. Will do so! Hehe.

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