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I love going for facials but then again, there are times when I got so busy that I simply couldn’t afford the time for facials.
Travelling time takes 2 hours. Facial another 1 to 2 hours. Total time spent = 4 hours.

So during months where I can’t afford the time for facials, I do it myself.

Here’s the products I use for D.I.Y facial.
Shills Black Purifying Peel Off Mask
Shills Moisturising & Whitening Mask
Avene Thermal Water Spray
Acne medication prescribed by doctors (belong to my sis)

On this very day, I just had my period and am having bad skin due to weather and hormones.
I came back from work in the afternoon and pamper myself with the D.I.Y facial followed by a nap!

The first step is to DEEP CLEANSE.
Remove your makeup, cleanse and scrub your face with a gentle scrub.

Then, prep your skin with Avene Thermal Spray for the following peel off mask from Shills.

Apply the mask on whichever area you desire.
For me, it’d be the T Zone, cheeks and the chin.

Do apply a THICK layer so that it can be peeled off later.
A thin layer won’t work and you won’t be able to peel it off.

Wait for 20 – 30mins and you’ll get a tight feeling. The mask will turn hard and you’ll be able to start peeling them.

Peel it off starting from the chin and work your way up. You do not want saggy skin if you do it the opposite way.
There you go! A clean face with no more black and white heads!

Step 2, use the Moisturising & Whitening Mask from Shills.
Your skin might be dry from the peel off mask, hence you’ll need to top it up with a Moisturising mask!

It’s like pudding btw! And it’s soft and cooling when you apply it on your skin.
Great for warm weather!

You can do it with your bare hands or like me, I normally use a brush which I feel is easier to apply and spread.
You can get the brush from TheFaceShop.
Wait for 15 mins and you can wash off the mask!
What you are going to achieve will be soft and bouncy skin!
Spray your skin with the Avene Spray again.
Since I’m just going to take a nap, I decided to go without moisturizer.

I am experiencing clogged pores and pimples on my chin area. Hence I used an acne prescription.
But since I don’t have any acne prescription, I decided to use my sis’s which I find useful for me too!
And lastly, just REST and SLEEP! ^-^

Here’s how my skin looks like on the next day! Soft, supple, hydrated and bouncy!
My makeup stays longer and I don’t even need to apply BB cream on my entire face, just on spots and redness which I’ need to cover.
Top it off with a loose powder and I am off to go!

A little goes a loooong way!
So don’t slack! Start pampering yourself with Masks today!


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