The perfect eyemakeup with the perfect tools

*The following pictures without watermark is by K Palatte’s official digital image partner – Canon.
Their pictures are pretty nice!

Yes….was at K Palette’s Eyes on You Workshop the other day ….
And I met Celeste again!! Yeahhh! Someone to talk to for the day again. 🙂

This event was held at Fika, a swedish cafe located at No.257 Beach Road / Arab Street.

I love love this place ..and the food served is kinda tasty too!

Their Swedish interior design looks pretty isn’t it? This is me, baobao and Celeste. Picture credit to Baobao.

K Palette’s team customized this for every single bloggers with our names!
Too bad my sister couldn’t join us as she was sick but I was allowed to bring this home for her!

Watashi Vivian Desu. O genkidesuka?

Why is Celeste so pretty?!

Me, Celeste and Linda!

After mingling with some of the bloggers for awhile,

We moved to the center of the cafe to watch a makeup demo by K palette’s Japanese Makeup Artist!

MUA demonstrated 2 different type of eyemakeup on the model.

A: With a little wing at the back
B: Droppy eyemakeup

The droppy eyemakeup is really popular in Japan now and you should be able to spot them easily on the streets.
This type of makeup gives you an innocent big-eye look.

Wish I had a makeup station like this too!

Take a look at some of the eyemakeup she uses…
24hrs Real lasting one day tattoo liner
24hrs long lasting eyebrow

I really really dig the eyebrow pencil. The one you see in the above comes in only the powder form but I love the one with dual side; powder and liquid….

Tried k palette’s lasting eyebrow another day in Honey Brown.
This is the dual eyebrow pencil with liquid and powder side.

First, I use the liquid side to fill up the spaces between brows
Second, I use the powder side to trace my eyebrow from the beginning to the end.

The finished look is very soft and natural!

Tip: Go for darker brows when you have light eye makeup and lighter brows when you have strong eye makeup.

A good set of eyebrows accentuate your features so don’t neglect them! Go have a trim if you have not!

This is the type of natural eyelashes MUA used on her…

So anw, here’s the finished look! 2 different type of eyemakeup.

Which side do you prefer?

A picture of the MUA and us. 🙂

Next is FOOD TIME!

I love it!

Looks like Celeste wants to be in my picture so much!

So I grant her the chance. HAHA!

We were all given a goodie bag and they were so generous!!

Gave us so much products to try! Think I don’t need to buy eyeliner and eyebrow pencil for a long long time already….lol!

All of the bloggers.

Do remember to check out K Palette’s eyeliner and eyebrow!
The eyeliner has been raved by a lot of bloggers and I’m definitely recommending the eyebrow!

**This is a Bloggers’ Event**


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