New hair change like a Jap Doll

Ohayo girls.
I think I am one of a kind who doesn’t think much when it comes to hair change.
Just the other day I was asking for opinion which bubble hair dye to choose, I had it done YESTERDAY!
So in the end, I settled for the new dark series colour Antique Red and went to cut my fringe into bangs. 🙂



I have wind in my hair. LOL. Neh…it’s just the fan that is blowing at me.
So this is how the colour looks like when sunlight hits on my hair. Is like BLACK with tinge of red.
Compared to the display picture I had on my side bar, my hair has GREW LONGER!

And anw, this is not the typical straight across bang cut though it looks like one cos it’s short now.

I find straight across bangs horrible on my fat round face.
So I asked my hairdresser to give me longer length at the side.
And she told me how this fringe is cut differently from the others and all the theories which I don’t understand at all. lol!

And cos I have REALLY THICK FRINGE, she had to do it for me layer by layer.

Can see or not …

Someone asked won’t my rebonded hair become haywire after I cut my fringe?
Well, I have naturally relatively straight bangs so this wasn’t my concern.
Besides, I don’t really mind if my hair isn’t that straight.

My hair looks totally BLACK without light shining.
And what? I have blonde streaks before that, and now all my blonde streaks are totally gone!

So apparently my bottom layers has got more colour than the top layer which is black to begin with.

So if you have black hair and you are looking for a colour change, this is not for you.
If you have brown hair and you want to switch back to a softer black, try this!

I like it! It didn’t make my already dry hair worse. But please remember to slap on HAIR MASK
no matter what kind of chemicals you do to your hair.


Anw, Liese bubble hair dye takes a few washes for the colour to become more obvious.
Maybe I’ll update in a week’s time.


And now I’ll enjoy myself looking like a Japanese doll. 😀


4 thoughts on “New hair change like a Jap Doll

  1. Hello.. i think saw you at Bugis Junction when crossing the road on Saturday. Last time is at Jurong Point. So qiao~

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