New blog desgin (AGAIN!! OMG!)

Hello yes!!
Please don’t run away!! You are definitely at the correct site!

I wasn’t quite satisfied with my previous blog layout because that wasn’t the kind of feel I was trying to achieve. And it was quite tough because of the previous theme I used. Also, I don’t really like the font of my previous theme. See, so much displeasure! So I decided to revamp my site all over again with a brand new theme and a brand new banner!

I’m still not 100% satisfied with my banner; thought I could make me appear bigger in it. So I might take it down and upload a new one again. I am not a perfectionist but I have this anal artistic nature in me. Like I should be sleeping now but I’m still up meddling with the design of my blog. Hehe.

Decided to make it a one column blog instead of my usual two columns because I’ve pages (Right above my banner) and I wanted to make it look less messy but at the same time retain my HUGE PICTURES style. If I have 2 columns, I’ll have smaller pictures which is not what I really fancy.

Okay. Up to this point, I’m not really sure whether you understand me or not because wordpress is just damm confusing to understand at times.=x

But heck. Just know that I now have a BEAUTIFUL BLOG PLACE FULL OF PALE PINK ROSES. ❤

I will feed you (my blog) with quality posts, I promise!



2 thoughts on “New blog desgin (AGAIN!! OMG!)

  1. Hi There,

    Perhaps you can try to redo the CSS, and have a floating side menu bar, which its much user friendly.

    And if you are into serious blogging, use a self hosted wordpress, with your own domain name. Everything cost less than SG$20 per year…

    If you need any help in WordPress/Layout, feel free to ask me.


    1. Hi Vincent. I am not prepared to have a self hosted site yet so I can’t change the CSS code to alter the theme. But thanks for tip! 🙂

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